About Personal Plan annual payment test earnings

Personal Plan is Udemy’s subscription offering for individual learners. We recently began providing select learners with the option to subscribe to Personal Plan on an annual basis, versus a monthly basis. Initial tests of this option have concluded, and in the future we plan to offer an annual payment option to more learners.


If your courses had engagement from annual plan subscribers during the initial test of this option, a one-time payment has been posted to your November revenue report. These amounts were determined using the standard subscriptions revenue calculation: 25% of net subscription revenue from initial annual subscribers, distributed to each instructor according to their share of those learners’ engagement. 


For payout of October earnings and onward for individual subscription earnings, annual subscription payments will be included as part of monthly instructor revenue calculations. A prorated portion of each subscriber’s annual total will be added to the instructor revenue pool each month. 


You can read more about annual payment options for Personal Plan in our recent general announcement regarding subscriptions expansion. If you have questions about payment for the initial test of the annual subscription option, please reach out to Instructor Support.

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