Attribution system bug: FAQ

We recently resolved a bug that resulted in the misattribution of certain transactions. We’ve posted an adjustment to affected instructors’ revenue reports.

What happened?

In June, our engineering team resolved a system error that resulted in misattribution of certain transactions. Since attribution determines instructors’ revenue share, this resulted in incorrect instructor payouts for these sales.

Affected sales in “open” revenue reports—those pending payout—were immediately corrected when the system fix was released. We then conducted a full audit of past affected transactions. For cases where instructors were underpaid, we posted an adjustment to the revenue report on August 10 for the next payout and notified all affected instructors via email.

What was the scope of the bug?

The bug affected less than 0.1% of transactions, all involving multi-course purchases.

What about cases where instructors were overpaid?

We will not deduct from future instructor payments to compensate for previous overpayment caused by this bug.

How are you preventing errors like this moving forward?

We continue to enhance our monitoring and processes to detect and prevent future issues. In the event of future payment issues, we’ll notify you and work to remediate any issues.

If you have feedback or questions, feel free to share them in the Instructor Community. Please direct questions about your particular sales or adjustment to [email protected].

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