Marketing your course for Black Friday/Cyber Monday sales

Black Friday sales are almost here | Learn how to boost your marketing now

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As we prepare to kick our marketing into full gear for the Black Friday/Cyber Monday season, we want to make sure you’re ready too. After all, it’s the biggest sale of the season. While our marketing gets potential learners to the courses on our site, doing your own marketing, before our promotions begin, will help to build momentum into the sale.


So, while we work on our ads across social media, search engine marketing, and email, here are some things you can do:


  1. Use your referral links and coupons – Remember, you get 97% of the revenue when a purchase comes from your own referral link, so use these anywhere you’re promoting your course. Coupons can bring in more learners and in turn get you more reviews.
  2. Attract new students – Using those links and coupons, you can entice new students from your own social media network or from online groups you’re a part of (just follow some best practices). Recent reviews are a positive signal to potential buyers, and they can help your rankings.
  3. Engage your current students – More positive reviews tend to help future enrollments, so look to engage current students to come back to your courses with educational announcements. Let them know about any course updates you’ve made. As our Instructor Partner, Phil Ebiner, says:

    Leading up to Black Friday, I want to drive students back to the course (not another platform). This has the effect of increasing engagement with the Udemy course content, which likely leads to more reviews, which as we know leads to a higher course ranking.“


Want more tips? Read our new marketing Q&A with Instructor Partners: Phil Ebiner, Thibault Houdon, and Scott Duffy.

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