Your checklist for getting your course ready for Black Friday

Your checklist for getting your course ready for Black Friday

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Black Friday is the biggest sale of the season, and it’s not just a single day; it’s a whole promotional period starting before and continuing through Cyber Monday (and even beyond).

With scores of learners coming to our site via our promotional campaigns, it’s an opportunity to grow your enrollments by getting your course Black Friday ready.


We’ve outlined some key steps in a handy checklist:


  • Make sure you’re opted in to our deals and promotions if you’d like to be included in Udemy’s marketing.
  • Optimize your course landing page – This is your most important sales tool, so take a look at our best practices for search engine optimization and then fine tune your landing page copy.
  • Watch your course preview video to make sure the information is current. We also have a step-by-step guide to making a must-watch preview video.
  • Update your course – Show that your course is updated by making sure your content current. This can mean uploading a new lecture or re-recording an existing lecture.
    Pro tip: Look to student feedback or Q&A to find areas you can expand on or clarify.
  • Add new non-video content – If your course doesn’t require new video content, you can create value by adding non-video content like quizzes, practice activities, coding exercises, or downloadable resources.


“Things like number of reviews, average review rating, number of recent sales, student engagement with the course – all play a part in pushing courses up the search results page.“ — Phil Ebiner, Instructor Partner, Video creator and Photographer


Want more tips? Read our Q&A to learn how our Instructor Partners, Phil Ebiner, Thibault Houdon, and Scott Duffy get prepared for Black Friday.

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