Instructor tips: A Q&A on using announcements and community to boost your course

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The second part of our Q&A series is focused on engaging with your learners and marketing your course to drive enrollments ahead of the seasonal promotion. Read on to learn from three of our Instructor Partners. Their advice is evergreen.


IP Instructor, Phil Ebiner

Phil Ebiner, Video Creator and Photographer

How do you use your educational announcements?

There are several ways I use my educational announcements:

I send announcements notifying students of any new lessons added to the course.

I send announcements welcoming the newest members of the class, asking them how they’re doing, and what I can do better. This is usually filtered to be sent to only students who enrolled in the past 2-4 weeks. 

I send announcements for livestreams or office hours that I hold to help students.

In our photography courses, we do weekly challenges. I send announcements to our photography students that showcase the top student photos from these challenges. I like to think this will inspire students to want to continue taking the course and improve their photography.


How do you use your promotional announcements?

Recent course sales is another factor in our course ranking. So driving as many sales as you can to your course should help your course ranking. I typically try to run a sale for all of my courses in late October and early November to ramp up enrollment and engagement right before Udemy’s sale, which is typically held at the end of November.


How do you attract new students outside of the Udemy platform?

Driving traffic from outside of Udemy is very important to the success of your Black Friday sale. Udemy retargets visitors of your course landing page with ads. So even if you send someone to your course landing page once and they don’t purchase doesn’t mean it wasn’t worth it. The more traffic you can send to your courses, the better.

At this point, I use the strength of my presence on platforms like YouTube, Instagram, and a Facebook Group to my advantage. During the weeks leading up to Black Friday, I’ll share more posts detailing the course updates that I’m adding. I may even do some Instagram Lives or Stories giving a peek inside my course update process.

I post tutorials on YouTube at least once a week with links to my related Udemy courses. This acts as a simple evergreen funnel. Having done this since I began on Udemy has helped my courses so much. I didn’t see a lot of success in the beginning. But now I see dozens of sales each month that come organically through my website and YouTube channel.

Over the past 5 years, I’ve been growing a student community Facebook Group for my photography students. This group is a great place for students to post photos, ask questions, join our livestreams and take part in our weekly photography challenges. Leading up to Black Friday, I’ll hold some extra live office hours in this group and while doing so ask students to leave a review for our classes – of course following all the rules and not asking for a specific rating (after all, all course reviews are helpful even the low ratings).



IP Instructor, Scott Duffy, Chief Instructor,

Scott Duffy, Chief Instructor,

How do you use your promotional announcements?

Once you have more than one course on Udemy, promo announcements are a powerful feature that allow you to leverage your past success to accelerate the growth of new courses. This is the snowball feature. If you make one course that is popular, you can ensure increased sales of your future courses. And each subsequent success builds upon itself. This is why it’s a good idea to keep making courses regularly. You should think of your courses as being part of each other. Instead of making 5 courses on 5 completely unrelated topics, you’ll be better off focusing on one area that you can make several courses. This is so that students who love you as an instructor in one course will find more related courses to buy from you.


How do you attract new students outside of the Udemy platform?

I didn’t have much of a social media presence before I started selling courses on Udemy. But soon after that, I started putting out content in other places where potential future students can find me. One powerful platform is YouTube. If you can put out free content on YouTube, grow your audience, then you can direct people to your courses on Udemy. It’s a good model of growing a social media channel (TikTok, YouTube, Instagram, etc) and then saying “if you like me here, you’ll love me on Udemy.”


Thibault Houdon, Formateur et développeur Python

How do you use educational announcements?

I use educational announcements to let my students know about important news in my field. For example, when new versions of Python are coming out, or interesting libraries and frameworks that might not be very well known but that they should be aware of.


How about promotional announcements?

Since there are students finishing up my courses regularly and wondering what to learn next. I use  promotional announcements to explain to my learners what course they should take next based on what they know or want to achieve.


How do you use other websites to promote your course?

Share your knowledge by posting content that highlights your expertise where users interested in your subject matter can discover you. YouTube is a fantastic way to bring awareness to your courses! Create short videos where people can learn about what’s in your course, and then drive them to your courses where they can learn more on your course landing page and enroll. You should also write blog posts on websites like Medium or on your own website. These are great ways to bring organic traffic to your content.


Much thanks to our Instructor Partners for offering their promotional expertise.

We welcome you to continue to the conversation, ask questions, and share your experience in the Instructor Community.

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