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What can I do to drive engagement on Udemy Business?

There are a number of tools and strategies you can use to drive Udemy Business learner engagement with your courses. Read about a few of our top tips below:

Udemy Business learners are particularly sensitive when they find promotional content in the wrong place, so you’ll want to keep Udemy’s policies in mind as you act on each of these tips. If you have any questions about what is permitted within our guidelines, please reach out to [email protected].

Boost your course ratings

Learners worldwide trust Udemy because they can see reviews and ratings to gauge which courses and instructors are right for them. To show that you are professional and your course is high-quality, you’ll need to have learners speak for themselves. This is called “social proof” and includes enrollments and reviews. Social proof is also factored in to Udemy marketing and promotions because we aim to show learners courses that we know they’ll enjoy. Learn more here: Establish yourself with social proof.

Ratings and reviews are particularly important for courses on Udemy Business. Algorithms across the Udemy Business product, including search, browse and recommendations highlight highly rated courses. To optimize your courses’ performance, aim for an average rating of 4.5 or higher.

If your courses are rated below 4.5, examine patterns in your course feedback for actionable themes to improve your ratings. We also encourage you to respond to reviews to gather additional insights. Take a look at this article for more specific advice for how to identify themes in your reviews: How to Manage Student Feedback Using the Reviews Dashboard.

Some learners feel more comfortable sharing private feedback with their instructors. If you’d prefer to have a conversation with the learner to collect additional feedback about your content and how you can best improve it, feel free to use Direct Messages to reach them. Here are a few best practices for utilizing them effectively: Best Practices: How to Use Direct Messaging Well.

Utilize communication tools

Udemy Business learners love that they’re able to connect with you directly through multiple communication channels. Be sure to utilize the following tools to engage with your students:


If your course collects a lot of questions and discussions about your course topic–congratulations–that means you’re doing a lot right! Getting learners to engage with your material, and with you, is one of the biggest indicators of learner satisfaction.

If learners post a question or a comment in the Q&A, do your best to respond in a timely manner. Many instructors give learners a sense of their responsiveness in their course summary, promo video, or introduction lecture (“I respond to all questions within 24 hours — excluding weekends, because I need to play with my new puppy!”). If you set expectations for answering questions, make sure to keep them.

Also think about posting questions or announcements in the Q&A encouraging learners to ask questions. This is a good move especially if you haven’t been as active in the past — learners won’t expect that you are there to talk with them. Let them know that you’re engaged, and want to hear how they’re doing!

Automatic welcome and congratulations messages

Send optional automatic welcome and congratulations messages to encourage learners to engage with course content. These only take a few minutes to set up and are a great way to drive engagement. Learn more here: Sending Automatic Welcome and Congratulations Messages.


Udemy Business learners don’t receive Promotional Emails, but they do receive Announcements. Announcements can be used to reignite engagement in your course. Did you recently find an interesting article about your course’s subject matter? Or maybe you want to let learners know about the new lecture you’ve added? Crafting and distributing a great Announcement could help you activate the learner base and regain their interest! Here are a few ideas for utilizing Announcements effectively: Instructor Communication.

Follow the demand

We’re always working to expand our content collection and regularly receive specific content requests from customers. Click here for a list of specific topics with high demand from Udemy Business customers: Udemy Business Customer Course Requests.

Many of the most popular topics on Udemy Business mirror the demand we see on the marketplace. However, we have observed a few unique themes in their demand:

  • Soft Skills Topics: Udemy Business customers span across a diverse set of industries, but companies across the board are focused on building their employees’ skills in areas like leadership, influence and communication. Accordingly, Management and Human Resources are some of the fastest growing–and most requested–content categories in Udemy Business.
  • Advanced Technical Topics: Customers also regularly request intermediate/advanced level technical content. Though we’ve observed that comprehensive beginner courses sell well in the marketplace, these courses mostly appeal to learners eager to enter a new industry. In contrast, Udemy Business learners are professional developers looking for further develop their skills beyond the beginner level.

When planning your next course, consider focusing on a topic Udemy Business customers have requested.

Design with business learners in mind

Udemy Business learners are learning for work, at work. Accordingly, they have limited time to spend watching courses, and often pop in for a few minutes during the work day to learn something new they can use at work that day. Here are a few things to consider when designing a course for Udemy Business learners:

  • Keep courses short at 1-2 hours.
  • Keep lectures to less than 5 minutes.
  • Include at least one practice activity in every section to keep the content as practical as possible.
  • Udemy Business learners want to apply what they learn at work that day. The more real-world examples, the better!

To clarify, these are not requirements for Udemy Business courses. Rather, these are recommendations for ways to optimize your content for Udemy Business engagement, based on feedback we’ve heard directly from Udemy Business learners.


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