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How Udemy drives traffic, trust, and results through partnerships

Instructors come to Udemy for the chance to reach an ever-growing audience of learners and enterprise customers through the largest skills marketplace in the world. Whether you want to get up to speed on the latest technology, hone your personal skills or invest time in your hobby of choice. Udemy encourages you to nurture your whole self through learning.  With 67 million learners and counting, we’re always looking for ways to get more people transforming their lives through learning, and show that Udemy is the best place to do it.


One way we’ve been working to achieve this is by building partnerships with trusted organizations and brands. Partnerships reinforce Udemy’s strong reputation and can highlight instructors’ content to millions of new prospective learners. They also help Udemy get more exposure and reach a broader, more diverse audience. 


Today, we’re pleased to highlight a few of the partnerships we have launched in recent months that we believe are going to help Udemy—and you—lead in the transformation to a skills-based economy. 




Docker is a popular tool for building, testing and deploying software applications. In fact, a Stack Overflow report recently named Docker as one of the top-used developer tools, and Udemy as the most popular online course platform for learning to code—so a partnership was a natural fit. 


We recently announced that Docker will invite their 20 million aspiring and veteran developers to pursue learning now and certification in the future through Udemy. Through this partnership, Docker developers will be able to access specialized learning paths that connect them directly to Udemy courses to stay ahead of the latest technology. The partnership will also include new ways for Udemy instructors to become Docker Certified Instructors, which will let them access previews of new features and prepare new content in advance of Docker updates.


Amazon Web Services Marketplace


Last year, Udemy joined the AWS Partner Network, a global community that leverages AWS programs, expertise and resources to build, market and sell customer offerings. As a result, business customers can now procure Business through the AWS marketplace, dramatically simplifying billing and approvals to get their employees building skills faster.


We’ve seen this partnership deliver more and more value over time, with 5x the number of deals coming through the AWS Marketplace compared to a year ago, and more than double the value of contracts in Q3 (July through September) as we saw in Q2 (April through June). These new contracts grow the Udemy Business revenue pool and the total instructor payout for subscriptions.


McLaren Racing


While programming learners love Udemy already, we know there’s a whole world of people who have yet to realize the potential of online learning, skills development and the role that Udemy in particular can play on that journey. We’ve explored ways to get Udemy’s name onto the global stage and reinforce the transformative potential of the platform – but we knew we needed a partner synonymous with excellence, ambition, and forward momentum, and one just as committed to learning and innovation as we are.


This morning, we announced that Udemy has been named the Official Learning and Skills Partner of McLaren Racing, including the McLaren Formula 1 Team, Arrow McLaren IndyCar Team, NEOM McLaren Formula E Team, and NEOM McLaren Extreme E Team. Udemy branding will feature on the NEOM McLaren Formula E Team’s race cars and team kit from Season 10 of the ABB FIA Formula E World Championship, and on the helmets of McLaren Formula 1 drivers Lando Norris and Oscar Piastri during the 2024 F1 season.


We see strong potential for McLaren’s enthusiastic, driven fans to stay on track with new skills from Udemy instructors. We expect this partnership to expose tens of millions of new people to Udemy, leading to more enrollments, individual subscriptions, and interest from enterprise customers. You can find out more about this exciting partnership at the Udemy blog (English only).

And this is just the beginning. As we continue to invest to get more individuals and organizations building skills with Udemy, we’ll continue to pursue the partnerships that best equip us to spread the word about the transformative power of learning. We’re excited to see how these partnerships drive results for learners, organizations, and instructors.

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