Our principles for GenAI and instructor content

Udemy was built on human connection by welcoming anyone, anywhere to learn or teach. At our core, we are committed to our mission to transform lives through learning by bringing together a community of instructors who share their real-world expertise on the Udemy platform to help learners unlock their potential and create possibilities for themselves and for others.


We know we’ve talked a lot about AI recently, and we recognize that recent advancements have created a lot of change in the world. Our commitment to helping you share your knowledge remains the same. We’ve established this set of principles to help guide us as we make decisions on what and how we build and to address the questions and concerns we’ve heard directly from the instructor community.


1. We respect intellectual property rights.

Our marketplace is a shared success with instructors. While we believe our generative AI (GenAI) offerings have a lot of positive potential for both Udemy and instructors, it’s your decision whether or not to participate. We’ll offer an annual opt-out for instructors who choose to exclude their content from being used in our new GenAI offerings or for training GenAI models.


2. We use AI responsibly and in support of our mission.

GenAI should support humans and human knowledge, not overshadow them. From guiding learners and organizations to the specific skills they need to providing instructors with the tools to create learning solutions faster, our intent for GenAI is to make learning and teaching more personalized, accessible, and efficient for all. AI is an evolving resource and we want to continue exploring emerging methods and capabilities to benefit all our stakeholders — learners, instructors, and organizations. To support our path forward, we’ll continue to be transparent and gather instructor input ahead of key launches so that the community has a voice in how and what we build.


3. We win together.

Our GenAI offerings are designed to increase engagement, helping learners and instructors reach more desired outcomes. If new GenAI offerings derived from instructor content bring in new revenue streams, instructor payments will be factored into the revenue model. As we develop a better understanding of how learners and admins engage with these offerings, we may create new methods of allocation to better align with the usage of instructor content. Ultimately, we want our incentives and instructor incentives to be aligned. In other words: When Udemy wins, instructors win.


We strongly believe in the joint potential that we can build and the value that our new GenAI features can bring to learners, instructors, and organizations. We understand that working with Udemy is a choice for our instructors and our role is to ensure you have confidence in our approach, vision, and shared mission so that you can continue to choose to partner with us — and that includes choosing to participate in an AI-enabled future. 

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