A new look for us (and for you)

Our purpose has always been to connect instructors like you to learners around the globe, regardless of schooling, race, gender, or economic background.

Now we’re taking another step toward making Udemy an inclusive space for everyone. From the way we speak to the way we look, this new brand fully embodies our mission to create new possibilities by opening knowledge to all, from all.

And we made these changes with you, the instructor, in mind. After all, in a lot of ways our brand is your brand. When you teach with Udemy, when a promo leads a learner to your course, or you use a Udemy badge, our brand reflects on you. And the quality of your courses, and the way you talk about us, reflects on us too.

So from logo to language, here’s a look at what’s new.


A logo that points us north

Whether you seek it or share it, knowledge is uplifting. Our logo captures that upward movement with an arrow — a universal symbol for growth. We call ours the Uptick, and we use it to signify the aspiration and advancement of every learner, business, and instructor in our community.


Photography with feeling

Human stories are at the core of our brand, and our photography captures the many positive emotions and outcomes attached to learning. We include a range of age, nationality, gender, and occupation to show what it’s like to learn or teach in a real and relatable way.

Colors that set the mood

With a bright and optimistic palette, we add a feeling of energy and life to everything we do. Our brand color is Udemy Purple — a vivid, optimistic shade of purple that reminds us of our promise to create growth and possibilities.

Illustrations with meaning

Some moments aren’t easily captured in words or photos. Our imaginative illustration style helps us turn more complicated ideas into something clear and intuitive.

Language for humans

We’ve also refreshed our tone of voice and some of the words we use. Some changes are subtle, like using the term “intended learner” instead of “target student.” We’re also getting rid of words like “shoot” when it comes to talking about recording. We just think it’s a better way to relate to individuals. Similarly, we’ve refreshed the hashtag #ITeachOnUdemy, changing it to #ITeachWithUdemy, something that we think reflects our shared passion for opening up knowledge and possibilities. 

Ready for what’s next

As beautiful as our new brand is, it’s more than a look. We’re doubling down on everything we do to deliver on our mission to create new possibilities — for everyone. As much as we’ve changed how things look and sound, what hasn’t changed is our commitment to helping you share your knowledge and change lives — including your own.


What do you think of the new brand? Join the conversation in the instructor community.

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