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  • Improvements to the co-instructor experience

    As an effort to increase transparency and security for our instructors, we’re creating a new invitation and notification flow when instructors make changes to the co-instructors of a course.  Now when you add a co-instructor to a course, the invitee will receive an email invitation to accept through a link that...

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  • Accelerating learning with Personal Plan

    In March, we shared some of our findings from the first year of Personal Plan, our consumer subscription. This included research results – like the fact that subscribers are career-oriented and more consistent in their learning habits than purchasers – as well as some of our plans for the continuing pilot. We also...

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  • Learn about our partnership with Emeritus

    We’re excited to share an update with you on our partnership with Emeritus. Emeritus offers live, university-style courses with certificates of completion. Over the next three months, we will run a test to learn if our users have an appetite and willingness to pay for this type of learning experience. The results of...

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  • Updates to Udemy Business curation strategy for practice test-based courses

    How has the Udemy Business curation strategy changed?   Our mission is to provide Udemy Business customers and learners with access to the freshest, highest quality, and most relevant content from the marketplace. We take a data-driven and human-curated approach to deliver high quality courses on...

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  • Introducing a new bulk coupon creation tool

    One of the most consistent pieces of feedback we’ve heard from the instructor community is the amount of time and effort you’ve had to put into creating coupons. Therefore, we’re excited to officially launch a new coupon creation tool that will make it easier to build your audience and manage your business on...

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