Establish your credibility with reviews

Learners worldwide trust Udemy to show them helpful reviews and ratings. Reviews and ratings help prospective learners decide which courses and instructors are a good fit for them. As an instructor, it’s important to gather feedback from your learners as the reviews and ratings of your course act as “social proof” to establish the credibility of your course.

Why it’s critical

Reviews are essential to new courses and instructors. As a goal, aim for getting 4-10 reviews when you launch your course. It sets a good foundation for your new course.

Feedback from your learners is critical. Negative reviews will help you understand how to improve your course. Improving your course will hopefully lead to positive reviews. Positive reviews help your course gain credibility and increase the likelihood of learners enrolling.

Request feedback and reviews directly, early, and often so that you can learn from your learners directly.

Tips for requesting reviews and ratings

Here are some tips on how you can gather more feedback and review for your course:

  • Reach out. Request for feedback and reviews in your course introduction video, the automatic welcome message, via direct messages, through announcement emails, and in between lectures.
  • Time the request. If you are planning to seek feedback during the course, make sure you do it within the first 15 minutes of your course. Your learners will be prompted for their feedback at this time and so it’s important that you make a great first impression. Include an engagement activity to inspire and motivate your learners, then ask for a review.
  • Reinstate their importance. Remind them that their opinions matter and will help you improve the course material and the overall learning experience for the future learners.
  • Ask the expert. Request a colleague in your field to watch your course and provide feedback or leave an honest review. Tell them to mention their own professional expertise along with the review so learners can see that your course is up to their level.
  • Be honest and ensure you follow Udemy review policies. Learn more about guidelines against manipulating the review system.

Respond to reviews and ratings

Use each review you received as an opportunity to engage with your learners and get more information. Respond to your reviews and ratings, both negative and positive.

Here are some tips on how to best respond:

  • If you’re responding to a rating or review, always address learners by their name and thank them for enrolling in your course
  • Ratings above 4 stars. Recognize their effort as a learner
  • Ratings below 4 stars. Acknowledge any negative feedback and offer a positive solution such as a course update or additional materials. For example: “Thank you (Name) for the review. Can anything be added or changed to make the course better for you? Thanks again for the feedback.”
  • Star ratings without text. Ask the learner for more specific information. Be friendly and remember that other learners can see your responses. For example: “Thank you (Name). You marked X and Y as not up to your expectations. I’d love to learn more about what I can do to improve these parts of the course for you?”

You can manage your student feedbacks and reviews using the Reviews Dashboard.

Use review and feedback to your benefit

  • Put positive reviews to work. Use them when marketing your course. Mention them in your emails, social media, and in course descriptions in your course landing page.
  • Use feedback and negative reviews to improve. If learners repeatedly point out that something doesn’t work for them, consider adding content to the course or adjusting your course description to make it more clear. Respond to the review right away to let them know that you’re fixing things, and again when you’ve made changes. Learners love to know they’re being heard. Make sure to inform all of your learners about any updates in the course with an announcement.

Follow Udemy guidelines

We encourage you to go through our review system guidelines to ensure that you aren’t violating any of our policies.

You can also learn more about course reviews by reading our FAQ.

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