How you can market your course

In addition to promoting your course with our marketing and communication tools, be sure you market your course using external tools. This could be leveraging your email list or website, or using social media platforms like YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Use your existing social and professional networks and try to grow your influence by connecting with new people, online and offline. 

Here are more ideas on how to market your course beyond the Udemy platform:

Online opportunities

Tips to maximize your blog, website, email lists, and social media platforms:

Follow some of these tips to make the most of your blog, website, email lists, and various social media platforms:

  • Announce your course launch and offer promotional discounts and coupon codes on all platforms, clearly and visibly. Consider adding an image or visual element to advertise your course.
  • Share your promo video or a quick preview of your course. In the video, talk about the benefits of your course and what it has to offer.
  • Add a small write-up or provide a link to another blog about the topic of your course and include your Udemy referral link to help build people’s interest and motivate them to take your course.
  • Note that a well-designed website can help boost your course sales. If you don’t have a website, you can use any of a number of free web hosting services to create just a single sales page. It’s easy to create and will help you capture leads and enroll learners in your course.
  • On your website, include a “buy now” option. Also, since email is a high converting channel, include an email opt-in to collect emails so that people can join your mailing list and get future announcements and promotions.

Create awareness for your course on online communities

  • Create and share short form content and your course’s promo video on YouTube, Instagram, LinkedIn 
  • Engage with online communities interested in your course’s topic. Participate in forums and blogs like Quora, Reddit, or Medium. Encourage people to connect with you if they want to learn more. 
  • Don’t spam your link. This may actually hurt your course’s searchability.


If you plan on publishing an ebook related to your course content, here are some ways how you can use your ebook to drive more traffic to your Udemy course:

  • Promote your course within the first few pages of the ebook, such as in the “Foreword.” If your book is available on Amazon, make sure that those first few pages are visible to preview.
  • Invite your readers to join your book community and present course discounts and coupon codes as bonus material that didn’t make it into the book.
  • Use strategic keywords to increase the ranking of your ebook in the relevant category on Amazon or on another ebook seller.

Offline opportunities

Live speaking events, both online and offline, are a great opportunity for you to shine as a domain expert and connect more personally with your audience. Live events — meetups, conferences, and workshops — are also great opportunities to discover what’s trending, relevant and in-demand with your audience.

Follow some of these tips to use such opportunities to enroll more learners in your courses:

  • Distribute postcards and flyers containing information about your course and your instructor coupon code
  • During the event, give a glimpse at what your course entails to get the audience interested in enrolling in your course on the spot for a discount
  • Don’t forget to include your real world experience as a selling point when you’re doing a speaking event in your bio. This will increase your credibility as an instructor.

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