Personal Plan: interim instructor promotions program

May 2022 update: we’ve replaced this program with an updated one. Click here to read more about Personal Plan progress, and to learn about the updated reward calculation for instructor promotions that result in new subscribers.

We’ve begun a pilot of a subscription offering for individual learners. Learners who have the option to subscribe can still apply and redeem instructor coupons. However, for courses included in Personal Plan, learners who arrive via instructor coupon or referral link may see the subscription offer in addition to the direct purchase option. 


To secure instructor promotion earnings for participating courses during this initial pilot, we’ve introduced a temporary ad hoc payout program. In the long term, we plan to use the data generated by the pilot to determine the right way to treat instructor-driven traffic that routes to subscriptions. We’ll adjust or retire this interim program as the pilot progresses. 


How are payouts calculated for this program?


Each month, for instructors with content in Personal Plan, we’ll look at the revenue generated by your promotions among students who saw the subscription option, and among the corresponding group of students who didn’t. If your promotions generated more revenue with the group that didn’t see the subscription offering, we’ll pay you the difference as a lump sum. This amount will be posted to your revenue report monthly as an adjustment. 


To illustrate, let’s take an example. In June, your promotions drive $150 among students who did not have the option to subscribe, and $125 among the corresponding group of students who did have the option to subscribe. You’d see an adjustment of $25 to your revenue. This ensures you made just as much money from your promotions as you would have with no subscription option.


You’ll still have the potential to receive additional subscription earnings from these students if they consume your content.


Please contact Instructor Support with any specific questions about your payouts from this program.




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