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The next steps after recording and editing your content? Put on the finishing touches and create your course landing page.

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  • Create your course landing page

    The course landing page (CLP) is crucial to your success on our marketplace. This is your opportunity to entice learners to enroll in your course. If it's done right, it can also help you gain visibility in search engines. As you complete this section, think about why someone would want to enroll in your course. This...

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  • How course maintenance can boost your performance

    Publishing a course is a big undertaking! When the hard work of production is over, it's tempting to think you're done with that content forever. But one of the best things about creating an online course rather than more traditional publishing is that you can keep making it better over time – and those efforts can...

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  • Guide to creating a promo video


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  • Pricing your course

    When you are ready to publish your course, it’s important to consider your pricing strategy. This essential step involves deciding whether to offer your course for free, set a price yourself, or use Udemy's optimization strategies for pricing. If you offer a free course, it can't exceed 2 hours of video content and...

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  • Set up automatic messages to learners

    You’ll be prompted to create automatic messages prior to submitting your course for review. While these are optional messages, they are a great way to engage with your learners by welcoming them to your course and congratulate them upon completion. Here are some tips to help you create effective messages for your...

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