How to export your videos

Before you can upload your course videos to Udemy, you’ll need to ensure you export them in HD quality. Recording the video with HD settings is not enough. You will need to export the video with the correct settings to maintain HD.

The right export settings

A very common issue with videos is that they appear blurry, even after being recorded in HD. This happens because your computer compresses the video file to make it smaller, which degrades the video quality. Even videos that are recorded in HD will lose their HD when they are exported without the correct settings.

Make sure the export settings in your recording software are set at the appropriate resolution at or above 720p HD in order to export your videos in HD. 720p format has a resolution of 1280×720 and an aspect ratio of 16:9.

Bulk File Uploader

Once you’ve downloaded your videos in our required resolution of 720p HD or higher you can upload multiple files to your course at once to save you some time using our Bulk File Uploader. Learn how to use it

More resources to help troubleshoot video uploading issues  

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Still having trouble?

If you’re still unable to export your videos in HD or have issues uploading, ask your fellow instructors in the instructor community for advice. Chances are someone else has run into the same issue before and will be happy to help you out or you can contact our help and support team.

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