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  • Why teach online with Udemy

    If you’re driven to share your knowledge and empower learners to achieve their goals, then teaching is the perfect opportunity for you. While all teaching lets you share your experience, online teaching gives you the flexibility to do so at a global scale and at your own convenience. Don’t worry if you’ve...

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  • How to become an instructor on Udemy

    Getting started: An overview for creating a course on Udemy Whether you need help creating your first Udemy course or you already have existing video content, we’ve got you covered. The first step is to sign up to become an instructor. We’re here to help you share your knowledge and give you the potential to...

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  • Transforming Lives Through Education

    Teaching has the power to transform not only learners lives but also instructors' lives. With over 69 million learners and 75,000 instructors, finding a remarkable story of transformation within the Udemy community is not hard. Here, instructor Diego Davila shares what motivates him to teach and a recent life-changing...

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  • How Udemy marketing benefits you

    Our team around the world is dedicated to learning more about our learners so that they can get the right courses in front of the right learners. We’re constantly innovating and experimenting based on our growing knowledge of what learners need and which courses are a good fit for them. We use what we know about a...

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  • Resources for your instructor journey

    How to create an online course on Udemy We’re here to guide you on your journey by sharing resources to create an engaging online course. Teaching online is an amazing opportunity to reach learners at a scale that’s unimaginable to do in person, but it requires a commitment of your time and energy. Successful...

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