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How to create an online course on Udemy

We’re here to guide you on your journey by sharing resources to create an engaging online course. Teaching online is an amazing opportunity to reach learners at a scale that’s unimaginable to do in person, but it requires a commitment of your time and energy.

Successful instructors are passionate about their subject matter and excited to share it with their learners. They create engaging courses and impactful learning experiences. We’re here to help you do just that.


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  • Become an instructor checklist

    Get started with our illustrated checklist for becoming an instructor on Udemy.


  • Teaching Center

    Learn more about being an instructor on Udemy — from course creation to marketing your course. See our best practices (recommended by learning designers) to guide you on your journey. Get started with our recommended course creation process.


  • Instructor Community

    Connect with other instructors who are changing lives through learning. Have a question? Want to share your progress? Head over to the community and catch up on the discussions.

    • Studio U – before you publish a course, ask questions about becoming an instructor or how to create a course.
    • Published Instructor Club – once you’ve published a course, join this section of the community reserved for published instructors. 
    • We also have instructor communities in the following languages: Portuguese, Spanish, French, German, and Japanese.


  • Official Udemy Course: How to Create an Online Course

    Enroll in our free course about creating an online course. We’ll guide you through our recommended course creation process and share best practices to help you get started. In 90 minutes, you’ll understand how to plan, produce, and publish a well-designed, high-quality course. Plus, we’ll share valuable resources with you along the way.





  • Marketplace Insights 

    Research course topics using marketplace data to help you understand their demand and competition. This is a great way to help validate or refine the topic you’re interested in teaching and get insight into what learners are searching for on the marketplace. Enter the course topic in English, then get marketplace data results in English, Spanish, Portuguese, French, and German.


  • Test Video 

    Get feedback from Udemy video experts on your audio, video, and delivery. Once your recording space is set up, submit a 2-minute test video to ensure your recording quality meets our standards.


Instructor Programs


  • Instructor Community Champions

    An application-based, exclusive program reserved for the most active and helpful members in the Instructor Community.  Our champions serve as mentors to other instructors in the community, are active in answering questions and participating in discussions, and serve as a liaison between the community and Udemy. Become active in the community to be considered.


  • Udemy Business (UB)

    This is a subscription of select Udemy courses which organizations purchase to offer for their employees to help upskill their workforce. To be considered, instructors must opt into the UB program and your course must meet specific criteria. Learn more about UB or explore topics we’re looking to add to the collection.


  • Instructor Partner Program (IPP)

    For instructors with at least three (3) courses in the Udemy Business collection, this program serves as an opportunity to partner more closely with Udemy and other instructors. It also provides instructors with resources and support to better manage their business operations. Learn more about our IPP.

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