Why teach online with Udemy

If you’re driven to share your knowledge and empower learners to achieve their goals, then teaching is the perfect opportunity for you. While all teaching lets you share your experience, online teaching gives you the flexibility to do so at a global scale and at your own convenience.

Don’t worry if you’ve never taught before or if you’ve never created an online course. Sign up to become an instructor to join our Udemy instructor community and gain access to resources that will guide you through the process to create a course.

About Udemy

With tens of millions of learners, we’re one of the leading online teaching platforms and learning marketplaces. Our mission is to create new possibilities by opening knowledge to all — from all. That’s where you come in.

Benefits of teaching on Udemy

Gain access to learners around the world

As a Udemy instructor you can benefit from our global learner base. Our marketing programs and promotional tools can help you expand your reach. Even before you publish your course, our tools (like Marketplace Insights) help you identify topics that are in-demand and guide you to create engaging online courses for your intended learners — those individuals whom you think will benefit most from what you have to teach.

Own your content

You are welcome to share your knowledge on any topic with the exception of those noted on our list of restricted topics. With the Udemy marketplace, you create and own your content, which means you can host the same content elsewhere, and you may also upload any courses or content that you’ve already created.

Teach your way

Teaching online gives you an opportunity to potentially reach learners from around the world from the comfort of your home. Teaching with us allows for the flexibility to teach from anywhere, anytime.

“Udemy has changed my life and allowed me to follow my passion for teaching. It’s become my career. I’ve been a full-time Udemy instructor for over 4 years now and am proud to have reached the 100,000 student milestone and look forward to reaching the next one of 500,000 students!”   Paulo Dichone, Udemy Instructor

“I wake up knowing my work is helping hundreds of thousands of people around the world improve their careers and build great things.”   Frank Kane, Udemy Instructor

Expand your earning potential

Teaching with Udemy gives you additional earning potential. Some instructors have been able to leave their jobs to teach full time with Udemy. It’s free to create and publish a course with us, and you earn revenue share for every paid enrollment.

As a Udemy instructor, you have the flexibility to offer your course for free (if it’s under 2 hours) or for a price you set — and you have the option to promote your course with our promotional pricing. Learn more about our instructor revenue sharing and how to maximize your earnings.

Be a part of a thriving community

As a Udemy instructor, you join a thriving community of thousands of instructors from all over the world that offer support, guidance, and tips to help you succeed. Plus, gain access to our support team and helpful resources created by learning experts to help you get started on your journey to become an online instructor.

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