Thinking big and starting small

You have the experience. You have the technology. We’re happy to have you at Udemy where over 40 million students worldwide are looking for courses like yours. It’s a huge opportunity.

How big? We asked Udemy Ambassador Alex Mozes, and a group of successful Udemy instructors, to talk about what’s possible and how Udemy is different.


Ready to take the next step? Here are some tips for starting out:

  1. Create high quality content — know your video and lighting techniques
  2. Create a coherent and organized course, not just a collection of videos
  3. Have fun with it and make your first course smaller so you can learn from it
  4. Get extra motivation and publish faster with our New Instructor Challenge

Need extra help with your course? No problem. Udemy has free video courses to help you out (in English only)

We know you’ve got this!

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