Introducing Udemy Business content opportunities

Udemy Business can be a big opportunity for you to engage more learners and boost your revenue. But it can also be challenging to know what content is most needed by learners and organizations. The nice thing is that we have that data. Even nicer is that we can now share it with you using the new Udemy Business content opportunities tool. 

Note: The tool is currently only available to instructors in good standing who have at least one course with a 4.2 star rating across 25+ ratings for English content or 10+ ratings for non-English content. Opportunities currently display in English, even when an opportunity targets a course in another language. The Udemy team is working to enable official translations of all opportunities.

What it does

The initial version of this new tool will give you a look into what subjects are needed most by the companies that use Udemy Business. While there’s more to come as we move it out of beta (with your feedback), here’s what you can do now:

  • Get started: View hundreds of course subjects in 10+ languages that represent content that would strengthen our subscription collections
  • Refine your search: Filter to your specific domain or language to explore where your expertise may have the best chance of getting curated into Udemy Business
  • Get more specific: For some subjects, get additional details like the occupation of learner we expect the course to serve

You’ll also be able to indicate that a new course you’re creating is targeting one of these topics when you set it up. This makes it more visible to our curation team once it has enough learner feedback to be considered for inclusion.

Please note that content published on these subjects is more likely (but not guaranteed) to be curated into the Udemy Business collection.

How the tool works

We mentioned we have data. Where does it come from? Our Content Strategy team synthesizes insights from many different sources:

  • Things we see on our site: Searches, enrollments, ratings and reviews — all these things and more feed into insights
  • Things we hear: Our relationships with our customers give us a direct line into what they need
  • Things we observe: Industry and larger learning trends also help us zero in on opportunities

All this combines with what we know about the course collection to identify the most likely subjects for expansion — and sometimes even completely new ones.

What’s next

This tool will evolve as we learn more about you use it, and how learners engage with the content you produce But here’s where we expect to take it next:

  • Search capabilities: Right now, you can filter to specific languages or domains. But you can expect to search by subject or domain keywords in our next version.
  • Course creation: Find a subject you want to teach? You’ll be able to click right into course creation with key details pre-filled to save you time
  • Dynamic updating: Currently we are updating the list quarterly, but eventually you’ll see updates closer to real time.

And more: This is where you come in. We want your feedback so we can make the next version even better to serve you, our partners, and your learners.

What now?

The best thing to do is to try out the Udemy Business content opportunities beta right now — and let us know what you think. We hope you see something in it that will inspire your next course.

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