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Announcing Changes to Student Satisfaction

Data driven methodologies are critical in guiding our decisions. Ensuring that instructors also have data is incredibly important to the team at Udemy. With Student Satisfaction Analytics, you can view data on Consumption, Reviews, and Student Feedback.  This dashboard provides a sense of what students enjoy and what they recommend, helping determine which parts of the course are great and which parts might need additional focus.

Today, we’re excited to provide even more details on Student Feedback!  You can now see the breakdown of feedback categorized into three areas: Positive, Neutral, and Negative.  Separating out neutral comments helps you focus on what you’re doing really well and what needs improvement.


Screen Shot 2015-09-09 at 18.47.30




Additionally, just as you’re able to view how Consumption and Review metrics compare with other courses in your category, the same comparison is now provided for the percentage of positive Student Feedback comments.  This context gives you more clarity on how students view your course relative to those in your category.

We hope that this additional granularity provides a better understanding of how your courses are performing – both with your students and within the marketplace.

Share your thoughts in the Studio or reach out to us at instructorsupport@udemy.com!

One thought on “Announcing Changes to Student Satisfaction”

  1. Seth Estrada says:

    Brilliant! Analytics are the lifeblood of heady content development. Thank you for giving creators more thorough insights!

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