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Announcing Closed Captioning

Ever wanted to include captions with your video lectures?  Now you can!  We’ve just released a new instructor feature: the ability for any instructor to upload captions to their course.

Captions are fantastic for:

  • Expanding your teaching range.  With captions, it’s easier for students who are not native-speakers of your language to follow along with your teaching.  Captions can help take your teaching international.
  • Expanding your accessibility.  With captions, hearing-impaired students learn from you.
  • Reinforcing learning.  Captions are a great way to reinforce your teaching — it’s beneficial for students to both hear what you’re teaching as well as see the words in front of them.  Uploading captions into your course allows you to reinforce your teaching for both auditory and visual learners.

Click here to learn how to create and upload closed captions into your Udemy course.