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Announcing Coding Exercises

Your Udemy course helps students from around the world acquire new knowledge and skills. Most successful courses include ways for students to interact with the course material, allowing students to learn by doing.  Practice activities are often critical to a student’s learning success – whether it’s refining a recipe from a cooking course or attempting to change typography in PhotoShop, practice makes perfect.

By immediately applying their new skills in a practice exercise, students reinforce their learning and discover which areas need further study. Instructors can use activities to gauge how well students are grasping the concepts, and make adjustments to the course if needed.

Our team is constantly researching and developing new tools to help enhance the student learning experience. Every day, thousands of students learn how to code on Udemy, and this has been a recent area of focus for our Teaching and Learning teams. Over the past few months, we partnered with a handful of instructors in the development category to add practice coding exercises to their courses, and then measured the impact on students.  Student consumption increased significantly, and they expressed how the exercises helped them practice as they learned.

Today, we’re thrilled to release coding exercises to all HTML, Javascript, and CSS courses! But we need your help to make this an amazing tool for students.

  • We encourage you to create and add these exercises to your courses by following these steps.  
  • We know that for many of you, this is the first time you’ve created a practice coding exercise, so we’ve also provided some helpful tips to create the most useful exercise possible for your students.  
  • Lastly, we’ve created a bank of HTML, CSS, and Javascript exercises related to popular topics within HTML, Javascript, and CSS from which to choose, if you don’t want to create your own.   

As always, if you have any questions or issues with the tool, please contact us at instructorsupport@udemy.com.  

This is one of the many actionable instructor tools that we’re working on to help you teach and thrive on Udemy.  We’re can’t wait to see you use coding exercises to help your students learn to code!