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Announcing Your Course Management Dashboard Reimagined

Your course management page is the heart of the course creation experience on Udemy – it’s the command center of how you create and manage your actual course content. Today, we’re announcing an update to your course management dashboard. Our Product Team has been hard at work redesigning this page to better guide you through the process of course creation and course management (while giving you better design to boot!).

You can expect very similar functionality to your old course management dashboard, as we have not removed any existing features during this update. We have added in a few new items that will continue to help you produce high quality courses, increase your ratings and help anyone learn anything.

Let’s explore!

Getting Started: Updated Guidance
As you navigate to your course dashboard you’ll see a new pop-up highlighting some important parts of course creation, including links to helpful articles for creating a successful course. Review the basics, join a community of your peers, and follow along to create high quality courses.

Pop Up

Course Management Redesigned: Updating your Navigation
Whether you’re updating a current course or creating a new course, this enhanced layout will guide you through each element of the creation process from start to finish. Follow step by step as you navigate your way to getting your course approved.


Find additional articles and tips by clicking the information button in each step.


Track your Progress
Use the updated navigation to track your work as you complete each step. The navigation will check off each item you complete so you can easily track your progress as you publish your course.


Save Time: Automated Publishing
Rather than publishing your lectures, quizzes, or exercises one at a time, we have streamlined the process to allow all curriculum items to be automatically published once your course is submitted for review. Each item can then be published or unpublished once your course has been submitted. Say goodbye to spending 20 minutes publishing each lecture individually!

Update: Automated Video Checks
Making sure you have the correct video file format is extremely important when publishing your course. Things like your video resolution (is it HD?) and the size (or aspect ratio) of your video can make or break your course. Now, when you upload any video files using the single file or bulk file uploader, our system will automatically review your video to ensure it meets our quality standards for video formatting and resolution. If your file contains any errors, detailed feedback will be automatically provided to you in the file library.

Video Check

An all-in-one Course Landing Page
Your Course Landing Page is a crucial piece of how you convince potential students to learn from you! We’ve grouped all of the essential information that you put into your course landing page into one step. You can now add in things like your course image, title, and promo video all in one easy to find place. Preview any/all changes to your landing page by clicking the preview button at the top of the page.

Course Landing Page

Keep Up: Policy Alerts
As you create your course, we want to maintain transparency by alerting you of content that does not adhere to our policies. We’ll let you know when you’re in violation of our rules so you can make any necessary changes before submitting your course. You’ll see these automatic warnings pop up at points throughout the course creation process.

Policy Alert

New: Closed Captions for Promotion Videos
You can now add closed captions to your promotion videos on the Course Landing Page.

Enhanced Navigation: Published Courses
Once you’ve published your course, the navigation menu will change to include additional pages relevant for your course. We’ve condensed down the number of tabs and grouped pages so you can quickly access the information you need for success.


Easily Manage your Coupons
We’ve added the ability for you to sort your coupons by price, number, number remaining, created date, deadline date and status.


Find your Students
To give you easy access to your students, we’ve added the student list to the course management dashboard.


An all-in-one Course Settings Page
Easily set, change, or update your settings in one place. We’ve grouped all course settings on one page that can be accessed by clicking “Course Settings” in the top right corner of the dashboard. Manage privacy settings, co-instructors, third party integrations and course status. You can also manage course specific instructor notifications on this page.

Course Settings Page

Ready to get started?
We hope you are as excited for this new dashboard as we are! The clearer navigation and the updated design should help you as you continue to create amazing courses that help anyone live the life they imagine. Log into any of your courses today to try out the new experience.

Provide Feedback: We would love to hear from you. Please use the feedback box found at the top of your course dashboard page to send us any feedback regarding your experience with the new course management dashboard or email any questions to our Support Team at instructorsupport@udemy.com.