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Announcing Early Access Beta Program

When courses are published on Udemy, they’re evaluated by Udemy’s Quality Review team against our Course Quality Checklist. The Course Quality Checklist was designed to ensure that the elements we know are important to students are present in courses published onto the Udemy marketplace.

Today, we’re launching a test that, if successful, would more closely align the Quality Review process with student expectations and potentially replace the current feedback from our Quality Review team. Starting today, a selection of new and recently published courses published on Udemy will be opted into the Early Access beta. These courses will also be reviewed through the normal process by Udemy’s Quality Review team.

The Early Access program is designed to better understand exactly what Udemy students want from your course. This should also, if successful, give you an early signal on how your course will perform in the marketplace when live. In the longer term, student feedback from Early Access could even replace feedback from Udemy’s Quality Review team.

Here’s how the beta will work.

What is Early Access?

Early Access is a beta program launching October 19. When a new course is published on Udemy after October 19, approx.15-25 specially selected students will be automatically enrolled in your course. Certain existing courses (that have recently been published onto the marketplace) will also be opted into the Early Access beta. The students will go through your course content, and provide feedback on your course directly to the Udemy Review Team. A few points to keep in mind:

  • All courses participating in Early Access will still be reviewed by the Udemy Review team
  • Students enrolled into courses during Early Access will not be able to leave reviews during the beta period
  • Students will be enrolled with free coupons into Early Access courses
  • Students enrolled into courses during Early Access will be removed from the course approx. 21 days after starting the course

What are the goals of Early Access?

Better Course Feedback
We’ll be asking students to provide feedback on a variety of items within your course, some quite similar to our Course Quality Checklist (e.g. ‘are there assignments in the course?’), and some new criteria (e.g. ‘did the course match your expectations of what you thought it would cover?’).

The goal of the program is to better understand exactly what students are looking for when they enroll in a course on Udemy. In order to determine that this beta was successful, we’ll be looking at whether student feedback from Early Access correlates with student feedback once the course is live in the marketplace. Long term, student feedback from Early Access could replace the current feedback process from the Udemy Quality Review team.

Better Course Traction
Additionally, when a course is newly published on the marketplace today, it starts from zero, with no ratings and no reviews. This means that you, as an instructor, must actively do your own marketing and outreach in order to get the early social proof you need to gain traction for your course. In the long term, if successful, the Early Access program aims to solve this problem by actively collecting early feedback from students on the quality of new courses.

Our understanding of what makes a high quality course is constantly evolving. Programs like Early Access are key components of how we better understand what it means to create a quality learning experience on Udemy. As always, we’ll keep you updated with the results of this test in the Udemy Community and here on the Teach Hub. To see FAQs please read our Support Article or email our Support team at instructorsupport@udemy.com.