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Announcing Second Phase of International Pricing

More than two thirds of Udemy students live outside of the United States, so it’s long been a priority to make the learning experience on Udemy as global (and localized!) as possible. To that end, we’re excited to announce the second phase of a long-awaited development (and one of the most requested student features): international currency pricing.  The first phase of international pricing updated Udemy’s mobile apps (click here for more details).  This second phase is the introduction of British Pound Sterling.

Udemy will be rolling out Pound Sterling as the first international on-site currency. All students in the United Kingdom (as designated by their  IP address) will be defaulted to seeing Pounds Sterling as the currency for courses on Udemy, as well as on the mobile apps. Students not in the UK visiting the website will continue to see all course prices in US dollars.  All instructors will also have the option of selecting the price of their course in GBP.

How Pricing will Work

All students in the United Kingdom (based on IP address) will be defaulted to seeing courses priced in Pound Sterling. Udemy will take the original price of the course (for now, just in US Dollars) and will convert it to Pounds.  Students will see a course price composed of the converted amount plus local tax.  We’ll calculate the revenue share off of the original (non-taxed) amount.  If you want to dive into the details of this (we’re talking equations!) click here to read the Support article.

Your take-home revenue amounts for all channels (Udemy promotions, your own promotions, Affiliate program, etc) will stay the same and your Revenue Report has been updated to show the local price and exchange rates of any GBP sale.


As of March 1, three different localized currencies are live on the Udemy website: British Pound Sterling, the Euro, and Japanese Yen. Each of these currencies are fully localized by the student’s IP address.

Next Steps

Over the next year Udemy will continue to add new currencies to keep pace with our growing, global audience.  International pricing continues to be one of the most requested student features on Udemy so keep an eye on the Teach Hub for more updates on new currencies.  For more information on the pricing changes (including changes to your Revenue Report) please see our Support article here.