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Announcing the New Instructor Dashboard

We’re excited to introduce the new command center for your courses: Your Instructor Dashboard.  What’s new?  Read on to find out!

At the top of your dashboard you’ll find new data that spans across all of your courses.  This includes:

  • Total revenue
  • Average ratings of your courses, weighted by enrollment so that courses with more students factor more heavily
  • Total number of students enrolled in your courses
  • Where your students are located – total number of countries and 5 most popular countries in which you have students.  Brazil? India? US? UK? Find out now!

teach tab 9

Below this, you’ll find additional details about each of your courses.  This course-level information includes:

  • Course Revenue – Get a snapshot of how each of your courses is performing relative to each other and your total revenue
  • Course Ratings – Easily see student feedback via reviews
  • Enrolled Students – Determine which of your courses are most popular.  Use this information to help direct your promotional efforts, or even for ideas on your next course topic
  • Unanswered Discussions – Engage with your students as they learn and discuss your course material, projects, and more!

Click on any of these items to be directed to the relevant section of your course. Additionally, you can sort your existing courses by Date Created or click to create a new course.

We’re thrilled to continue to unlock the power of data to help you better understand the performance of your courses and your students. Are you ready to take a look? Check out your own dashboard here. If you have feedback on the dashboard, feel free to comment in the Udemy Studio!


2 thoughts on “Announcing the New Instructor Dashboard”

  1. Dave Espino says:

    This is an excellent upgrade – thanks, Udemy!

  2. Monse Sanche Pere says:

    Así sí podemos tener un seguimiento claro de nuestros cursos

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