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Announcing the New Student Course Taking Experience

We’re always looking for ways to improve the course taking experience on Udemy – asking students for feedback and suggestions about specific courses, the platform, and how we can help them learn more effectively.  Our focus is on providing the best learning experience possible for students.  We decided to take a closer look at our course taking platform, identifying which areas of courses and lectures help students learn and which ones detract from the world class experience that we strive to provide.

We’re all busy and have a lot competing for our attention. When it comes to learning, we want to help students immerse themselves. By creating a learning environment that minimizes distractions, we’re putting the content you’ve worked so hard to create front and center –  minimizing distractions while providing resources that are easy to access.  

Course Taking SSStudents all learn at a different pace. Now, we’re giving student ways to further personalize their learning experience. You can speed up or slow down videos, or re-watch an important concept, all with a single click. Here’s a preview of the new video player design:


This is still a work in progress, and we need your help:

  1. Your input is critical as we shape the features that will be part of experience.  We’ll let you know as we continue to develop these features, and you’ll be able to give us your feedback at every step of the process.
  2. As we rollout this new course taking experience to the marketplace, we’re streamlining the lecture types available, resulting in a more consistent, high-quality viewing experience for students.  We understand that this might require changes to your course(s).  We ask that you make these modifications to your courses by October 13, 2015.   

Below is a list of lectures that are no longer consistent with the new student experience and next steps to ensure that your courses meet our new marketplace standards:  

table 5

To ensure the integrity of your quizzes, we highly recommend you update fill-in-the-blank questions to multiple choice format.   True-False questions will also be converted to multiple choice questions. If you do not update your quiz questions, we will attempt to convert your quiz questions automatically on October 13, which will result in changes to your quiz content.   We will be incorporating additional quiz enhancements going forward, and as previously mentioned, we’ll work with you throughout this process.

Helping you easily manage these changes is important to us. That’s why we created a dashboard that lists all affected lectures and the ability to track your progress as you migrate the lecture types.

This is available via a box the top of the “Teaching” section of the My Courses page.

Screen Shot 2015-09-21 at 12.31.51 PM

For courses that have unsupported lecture types that are not changed by October 13th, we will temporarily halt enrollments of your course and may have to remove your course from the marketplace. This does not apply to quizzes, as these will be automatically converted.

We understand that the changes require additional work from you, and we’re here to help.  If you have any issues or concerns, please check out our support article or email us at instructorsupport@udemy.com.  Our team looks forward to working with you throughout this process, as we sunset certain lecture types and release new features.  We’re incredibly excited about the new course taking experience designed to help students learn and thrive on Udemy!


2 thoughts on “Announcing the New Student Course Taking Experience”

  1. Mijael says:

    I have a couple of external youtube videos I link to in my workshops, because they were produced by a University.

    They contain 3d graphics that I cannot produce on my own, and explain in a level of detail that is wonderful for the understanding of the subject matter.

    Will this be forbidden in the next structure?

    Thanks in advance,


    1. Udemy Instructor Team says:

      Hey Mijael, if you post those as an “External Resource” that will be fine!

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