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Announcing Updates to Reviews and Search

We’re halfway through 2016 and our team has been busy working on new features to better support you in teaching the world. Today, we’re announcing an update to our student review system, one that will help you get even more actionable, insightful feedback on your courses.

Below we’ll cover updates on attribute-level feedback, updates to Search and Discovery, and a new review standard for free courses.

The pulse of the marketplace

Reviews are the center of the marketplace. Students need reviews to hear directly from their peers, and you need actionable feedback to understand what you’re doing well and what you need to improve.

Timely and tactical feedback: updating reviews and search
You deserve feedback that is actionable and timely, so that you can understand exactly how your course is performing with students today. We’re announcing two new updates to help drive the feedback you need:

  • Attribute-level feedback. Students sometimes leave a star rating but don’t write a written review. While the star rating is helpful for other students, reviews are more helpful when instructors understand the context behind the star rating.Today we’re releasing attribute-level feedback so that students can now select a reason for their review. Your dashboard will become populated with feedback as students respond to this prompt.

Screen Shot 2016-06-09 at 10.34.59 AM

  • Recent Review Metric + Updated Search. We’re changing the way we calculate reviews to better reflect how your course is performing today. Some courses on Udemy have large numbers of reviews from many years ago. If the course has been updated, those reviews no longer represent an accurate view of the student experience. Today, we’re releasing a new Recent Review Metric – the average rating of your course over the past 90 days (or last 10 data points). This new metric will now be factored into how your courses are ranked in our search algorithm (pending tests within our search variants), and will be shown on your instructor dashboard. We are also working on getting this metric shown to students, which will replace the current review rating on your course landing page and course card.

A new marketplace quality standard for free courses.

This new recent review metric will give you and your students a more accurate picture of what your course is delivering today. This makes your courses, and the marketplace, stronger.

That’s why today we’re also announcing a new marketplace quality standard for free courses. Starting July 13, all free courses rated under a 4.1 and flagged with a ‘high degree of confidence’ by our data algorithm will be hidden from Udemy search. They will still be accessible via direct link. To read more about this new marketplace standard click here.

Screen Shot 2016-06-09 at 11.05.02 AM

Next steps

We’re excited to continue to invest in our Review system, to ensure that students get the information they need to decide which course is right for them, and so that you know exactly how you are performing in the marketplace today. As we make changes to the Review system we will keep you updated, both over email, on the site, and here on the Teach Hub. If you have any questions about these changes please email our support team: instructorsupport@udemy.com. We’re standing by to talk.

One thought on “Announcing Updates to Reviews and Search”

  1. Gurpreet Singh MAtharoo says:

    Nice for making Udemy a better place, though now instructors will have to work harder. I will start teaching on Udemy (again), had to stop earlier because I had less time because of school, and this just made me nervous. Anyways, difficult paths are the best paths!

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