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Announcing Updates to Student Lists

We know that as an instructor, you’re often looking for more effective ways to keep track of your students.  Today, we released Student Sorting to help you track individual student progress in your course and send messages to students based on that progress.

You can now sort by student name, course progress, and enrollment date:

student lists


Wondering which students have enrolled in the past day? Easily send them a welcome message. Want to send a congratulatory note to students who finished the course? No problem. Looking for a quick overview of students who’ve progressed through half the course? You got it! And of course, for aggregate completion rates on the lecture level, check out your Student Satisfaction Analytics.

Not sure how best to use this new feature? Individual messages based on course progress are a great way to activate, engage or encourage students! Here’s an example of a message instructor Marc Isaacson sends to students who complete 50% of his course:

Marc example


We’re incredibly excited for you to take advantage of this highly requested feature and would love to know how you use it with your courses!  Share your stories and any feedback in the comment box below, in the Udemy Studio, or in the Faculty Lounge.

One thought on “Announcing Updates to Student Lists”

  1. Dave Espino says:

    This is awesome – been wanting this for a long time – thank you so much!

    Would love to see a way to add a “welcome email” that automatically goes out to students soon after they enroll.

    The email would be personalized by the instructor and would welcome the new student and then might even give some helpful tips for getting the most out of the course.

    This would help increase student engagement and student satisfaction.

    Thanks for this exciting feature!

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