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Announcing Updates to Udemy Marketing Programs

Here on the Udemy Instructor Team, it’s our job to help instructors like you be successful in a dynamic, changing marketplace.  Udemy’s optional Marketing Programs are one of the many ways that we do that by offering instructors access to the latest channels and tactics employed by our marketing team.  These programs have been proven to boost net revenue to instructors by more than 60% on average.

Based on instructor feedback, we’ve restructured these Marketing Programs to be easier for you to understand what you’re opting into.  We’ve also added two new channels to market your course through: the Fixed Price option of the Deals Program and the Udemy For Business Content Subscription Program.  See below for information about each one of the marketing programs!

  • Udemy Deals Program.  Following the overwhelming interest from our instructors during November’s Black Friday promotional campaign, we’re expanding the deals program to include two tiers of promotions: fixed price promotions and percentage promotions. The Deals Program uses highly segmented discounting via email and other channels designed to direct traffic to your course.  The two tiers of the program go about this in slightly different ways:
    • The Fixed Price tier of the Deals Program utilizes, well…fixed price deals (e.g. an email campaign selling your course at $10 or $19).
    • The Percentage Promotions tier of the Deal Program runs promotions on your course using a percentage-based amount, up to and including 75% off.
    • You’ll be able to opt into either, both, or neither of the options.
  • Udemy Marketing Boost Program.  We’ve simplified the previous Ads, Affiliate, and External Deals programs into this one, easier-to-understand option.  If you choose to participate in this program your course may be promoted through these channels:
    • Affiliate Program (where approved partners sell your course to their audience)
    • Paid Advertising Program (where the Udemy marketing team creates paid advertising for retargeting your course around the web)
    • External Deals Program (where Udemy does a promotional deal with an external deal site like Groupon or StackSocial)
    • You’ll be able to opt into or out of the Marketing Boost Program.
  • Udemy for Business Content Subscription Program.  For the first time, we’re giving you the option to indicate your interest to be included in our corporate subscription offering. While we won’t be able to include every course in the offering, we expect this new source of enterprise demand to expand over time and offer a great source of additional, incremental income.

We’ve mapped these new programs to your previous marketing preferences, but you’ll have to confirm the changes in your Udemy account.  Just log into the site and you’ll see a pop-up outlining all of the terms, and your preferences.

Remember that all of these programs are optional and you can change your preferences as often as you want by editing your Premium Instructor Information.  For more information on promoting your course, make sure to check out the Marketing section of this site!