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Ask Me Anything Archive

We’ve asked a variety of bestselling and innovative Udemy instructors to host one hour Q&A sessions in the Udemy Studio or Faculty Lounge. These “Ask Me Anythings” are a chance for the instructor community to get their questions answered in real time by instructors we consider to be true mentors. This archive serves as a way for those who couldn’t attend to see the key takeaways from each discussion, and hopefully find some inspiration!


Felicia RicciFelicia Ricci
Pre-Launching Your Udemy Course
November 4, 2014

Through a combination of freemiums, social media and pre-launch strategies, and a steady stream of new subscribers to her email list, Felicia Ricci quickly became a Udemy success story. Check out her suggestions for implementing a promotional strategy that will work to launch your courses and increase your Udemy earnings.


Ron Hogueron hogue
Producing Screencast Videos
February 2, 2015

Ron Hogue knows what it takes to create engaging, high quality screencast videos for online courses. Click here to learn his tips and tricks so you can do the same for your Udemy courses.


Ben TristemBen Tristem
Making Meaningful Course Updates
March 5, 2015

Ben has learned how to develop engaging, valuable content, as well as how to update his courses with additional meaningful material. Now he has four successful courses on everything from making games, to social media and web design, and he’s ready to share all his top tips with fellow instructors.

Rob Percival
Building Fun and Engaging Technology CoursesAMA-robpercival circle
September 19, 2014

Rob is the ultimate Udemy bestseller – since launching his first course in June of 2014 he’s taken home over $1,000,000 in Udemy earnings from his four courses. Rob’s secret to success? In-demand topics, project based courses, and rapid responsiveness to student questions. Take a look at Rob’s strategies for creating courses on Technology topics.


Phil ebiner headshot
Philip Ebiner
Video Production
August 21, 2014

Phil is a true Udemy inspiration, having published courses on everything from beer brewing to cat training to video editing. Video production is a part of the course creation process that many instructors struggle with, but Phil knows exactly how it’s done. Check out Phil’s best practices for video and audio recording here.


david travis headshot
David Travis
Student Engagement Post-Publication
August 1, 2014

David is a pro at engaging with his students – he sends personalized welcome messages, is active on the discussion board, and even hosts regular Q&A sessions. See more of David’s tips and tactics for student engagement here.


cathy presland headshot
Cathy Presland
Different Student Learning Styles
June 18, 2014

Cathy is all about delivering the best student learning experience, even when students’ needs may differ. Cathy outlines a number of different learning styles and explains how she accommodates each – learn more here!