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Add Assignments and Practice Tests to Your Course

Helping students apply what they learn in real-world ways is always a key factor in successful teaching. To help instructors make this impact, Udemy is proud to introduce two new types of practice activities: Assignments and Practice Tests.

By adding Assignments you can provide students with real-world applications for the skills taught in your course. With Practice Tests, you can create long form simulated exams that students use to assess their knowledge of a particular subject.

We’re excited for instructors to put these new lecture types to use and boost student engagement!


Assignments are another new way to provide interactive elements for students. They are designed to create a meaningful outlet for students to test what they’ve learned from your course and get meaningful feedback directly from you, the instructor. Students who submit their work can also choose to share their responses with and get feedback from other students. They can also provide feedback to other students taking the same course.

Within an Assignment you can:

  • Provide Instructions. Describe the activity you want your students to complete. You can provide a video, post written instructions to your students, and give any useful resources to your students. We want instructors to get inspired, and launch creative challenges for students!
  • Ask questions. No matter what the project is, provide at least one question for the student to answer and submit.
  • Provide a Solution. To help students self-evaluate, provide your own answers to each question you have asked. If there is more than one correct answer, explain why answers might differ. A key here is to tie this practical application back to the course materials, where students can refer back.
  • Give Feedback. When you receive completed submissions from students, you can review their answers straight from you Instructor Dashboard. Let your students know what they did well, and areas for improvement.

To learn more about adding assignments to your course, click here.

Practice Tests

Like the standard Quiz format, Practice Tests are composed of a list of questions written by instructors. However, they are designed to be a longer, more robust tool for students to test their knowledge.

Instructors can set a time limit, sort questions into specific “Knowledge Areas,” and provide a passing grade for students to strive for. Students will only see the answers to the questions, and receive their grade, when they complete the test.

While Practice Tests can be added to any standard Udemy course, they are particularly useful for certain kinds of courses that are preparing students to sit for a final exam. Examples include:

  • Courses for standardized tests like the SAT, GMAT, ACT
  • Preparing students for Certification Exams in professional industries like IT, Architecture, Finance, and Business

When the sole purpose of a course is practice for an exam, instructors can also create courses composed using only Practice Tests. This means no video lectures, no quizzes, and no coding exercises needed.

To learn more about adding a Practice Test to your course, or creating a Practice Test-only course, click here.

Getting to Work

You can add Assignments and Practice Tests to your course curriculum, in the same way you add Lectures or Quizzes to your course.

We’re excited to provide you and your students more real-world applications and chances to apply what they’ve learned.