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August 2017 Newsletter

We get inspired when we look beyond what we know for new information, new perspectives, and new tools and processes.

A few years ago people were using the term “Personal Learning Network” to describe the thought leaders, publications, and podcasts that they followed. Now, you’re one of those trendsetters. You’re a source of inspiration each time you share new information and skills to feed your students thirst for greater understanding.

But what about you? Whether you’d like to dive deeper in a new subtopic within your subject domain or choose a totally new topic to enter with a beginners’ mind, taking a “back to school” attitude to your curiosity can lead you to inspiring new places. Maybe you can find a new newsletter or digest to subscribe to. Maybe you’d like to dive into a topic by enrolling in a course.

To get you started, this month we asked some top instructors for their favorite books, gathered actionable tips from Udemy Live, and share some continuing learning hacks to keep you on your toes. There’s nothing like the humility of starting something fresh to renew your energy, motivation, and mental sharpness!

Instructor Success Team

YOUR VOICE – Hear from your fellow instructors

Expert knowledge for your online courses

TRY IT OUT – Give this a go in your course

UDEMY FOR YOU – What Udemy is doing for instructors