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Beta Test: Category and Subcategory Pages

Over the past few months at Udemy HQ, we’ve been busy building new products for instructors — things like Student Satisfaction Analytics, a new Quality Review Process, and a Report Abuse flag for monitoring the health of the marketplace.

We’ve also been working to improve the student experience on the site: redesigning course landing pages for a cleaner, more modern look, and updating students’ purchasing flow. Today, we’re starting a wide-scale beta test around updates to Category and Subcategory pages.

Let’s start with the basics. On Udemy, we have Categories (things like Business, Development, and Lifestyle) and we have Subcategories (Finance, Entrepreneurship, Management, etc).


On Udemy, most students come to search for a specific course, instructor, or skill. A few students come to just browse: this test is for that group.

Currently, less than 1% of student visits to courses come through the Category and Subcategory pages. With this test, we’ll be making the student browsing experience better, and generate more traffic to your courses, by spotlighting more personalized results and more curated content: surfacing the right course, for the right student, at the right time.

Here’s how.

Personalization. We’re moving towards a browsing experience that is personalized for each and every student that visits Udemy. For now, Category and Subcategory pages will feature more courses that are more related to the student’s learning needs. They’ll be segmented along these lines:

  • Featured Courses (courses with high student satisfaction, engagement, enrollments, and reviews
  • Editors’ Pick Courses (courses with specific hot topics, innovative teaching styles, or high levels of engagement)
  • Top Paid Courses (by # of enrollments, reviews, and engagement)
  • Top Free Courses (by # of enrollments, reviews, and engagement)
  • New and Noteworthy Courses (by # of enrollments, reviews, and engagement over the last 30 days)
  • Personalized Student Recommendations (based off of student behavior on the site

Curation. The redesigned Category and Subcategory pages will each showcase more courses than the previous iterations. More prominent filters will also help students identify, more easily, the exact parameters of the courses they’re searching for. Additionally, the list view of courses allows students to see far more courses in a single page and compare their elements in a single scan down the page.

We’ll continue to test out these new pages, as well as roll out additional features for both instructors and students over the coming months. Stay tuned!

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  1. Tanzeel says:

    Awesome Update! LOVE UDEMY

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