Black Friday 2018 – Instructor FAQ

What is the Udemy Black Friday promotion?


The definition of “Black Friday” may differ across countries and cultures. In the United States, it refers to the Friday after the American Thanksgiving holiday, when retailers begin the holiday season with big sales. The Monday after the American Thanksgiving holiday is known as “Cyber Monday,” and it’s typically also a day for e-commerce sales.

For Udemy, and throughout much of e-commerce, it’s a sale that stretches from middle to late November. Historically, our Black Friday sale is one of the biggest promotions of the year. While we can’t provide all the details of our plan for this year’s promotion, you can expect a site-wide sales event.


When is the sale happening and how long will it last?


We can’t share all the details of the sale publicly in advance, but we can report that the promotion will begin in mid November, and will continue through Cyber Monday.


How can I make sure I’m included in the Black Friday and Cyber Monday sale?


If you want your courses to be included in the sale, please make sure you are opted in to Fixed-Price Promotions (click here) in your promotional agreements, as soon as possible. Steps on how to edit your promotional agreements are outlined in this support article.


Can I opt into the sale once it has started?


Yes. If you opt in to Fixed-Price Promotions after the sale has started, you should expect to see your course discounted when displayed on the site within 1-2 days. However, in order to take full advantage of the promotion opportunity, we encourage you to opt in as soon as possible.


I’m still finishing my first course; will it be included in the sale if I publish the course in time?


Before you publish your new course, please make sure that you are opted in Fixed-Price Promotions at this link. Then, if you publish while the Black Friday promotion is active, you can expect your first course to be included in the sale after one or two days. Keep in mind that any new course needs to be approved by our Quality Review team, and this can take up to 2 business days from the time you submit your course for review.


I’d prefer not to be included. How can I opt out?


If you don’t want your courses included in the Black Friday promotion, and you’re currently opted in to Fixed-Price Promotions or Percentage Promotions in your Udemy promotional agreements (this link), you should opt out of both immediately. Steps on how edit your promotional agreements are outlined in this support article.

Please note: it will take 7-10 days after your opt-out date for your courses to stop displaying in the Black Friday promotion and other site promotions.


How should I get ready for the sale?


Side-wide sales events like Black Friday are great times to make sure that your course landing page is optimized to convert sales. Follow this link for a guide to our best practices.


The sale is starting – why don’t I see new reviews on my course sales page?


We expect the Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales to bring an influx of visitors to Udemy every day. To ensure site stability during periods of high traffic, reviews written between November 11 and November 28 may take about a week to appear on the landing pages of courses that already have a high volume of ratings.

The course rating and number of ratings will continue to update daily on your course landing page, and you’ll still be able to see all ratings and reviews on your Instructor Dashboard. This change affects only the display of new reviews on the course landing page. It will not have an effect on your course’s discoverability during the holiday promotions.

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