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Buzz Master: Miguel Hernandez Hits 100 Users in 48 Hours with New Course. Learn How.

miguelhernandezMiguel Hernandez, Udemy instructor and CEO of Grumo Media, had 100 subscribers to his new course, How to Make Money Online Teaching What you Love, within 48 hours! Here’s how he did it: 

“As soon as I finished my course, How to Make Money Online Teaching What you Love, I decided to test the theory of providing incentives to users and creating a sense urgency.  This is the first time I’ve used this approach, and my experience has validated that it works.

Basically, I used the same techniques that Groupon uses.  Through my classes and business contacts I collected student e-mails, facebook, twitter etc.  But the FIRST people I reached out to were the students enrolled in my other courses.  As soon as I finished the course:

  • I made a course announcement to all the people taking my demo video course and sent an email to 500 people on my email list.
  • I told them “Because you’re an existing student I’ll give you a really juicy discount of 75% off,AND it’s a limited time offer AND there’s only 100 left.” That really enticed people to go out and get the course. This type of deal creates a strong incentive for the user to buy.
  • I actually created 3 coupons. 1 was 75% coupons for my 2 courses on Udemy, another was for people that subscribed to my website, and 1 was a 50% discount for social media through Twitter & Facebook

In the end, most conversions came from those already taking the course & subscribed to the website.  This is a great sales technique. A lot of people are on the fence, but if you elicit urgency, it works!”

Bottom line – create an AWESOME online course and market it effectively.