Coding Exercise Changes FAQ

Udemy recently announced that there will be updates to coding exercises. What are the changes that can I expect to see?

We are expanding coding exercises to support updated versions of existing programming languages as well as new programming languages, frameworks, and libraries.

Why is Udemy updating the coding exercise platform?

Student experience: We’ve received consistent feedback that students want and value learning by doing. While giving course review feedback, 17% of marketplace students indicate that they wanted more practice opportunities. We’ve seen students respond positively to the engaged learning and hands-on practice that coding exercises offer. On average, students tend to rate courses with coding exercises 10% higher than courses without.

UFB (Udemy for Business) course appeal: The desire for on-platform practice is particularly helpful to the UFB audience. Corporate learners and administrators want to build practical skills and knowledge that they can use directly in their roles, but want to do so in a simple and secure way. Coding exercises are prized by busy UFB learners because they can practice building real-world skills without needing to leave the platform or download third party software.

Content freshness: As new tech trends and changes emerge, we want to equip more instructors with tool improvements to teach and capture student interest for new, sought-after topics.

What’s the benefit of upgrading my existing coding exercises or adding coding exercises to my courses?

Instructor impact: Coding exercises can serve to be a powerful tool in enhancing your impact when teaching tech content. When one instructor offered students consistent, in-course coding exercises, 90% of active marketplace students interacted with those coding exercises with 85% of those students persisting until they’d correctly completed the exercises. Coding exercises offer students the ability to put their learning into practice to begin challenging themselves to master core concepts and skills.

Course marketing and visibility: Beyond improving the student learning experience, coding exercises are beneficial to helping you and your course standout on the marketplace. Courses with coding exercises receive a coding exercise distinction on the course landing page and appear more prominently on the marketplace searches when students check off “Coding Exercises” on the feature filter.

Streamlined course operations: With newly supported languages, frameworks, and libraries, you can also begin to simplify and consolidate your course operations. Leverage the Udemy platform to build, host, monitor, and manage more of your course content in one place. We’ll continually update the Coding Exercise Guide to give you more detailed information on how to create or update coding exercises.

How can I stay informed about coding exercise updates?

With each set of updates, we’ll keep you informed through email and Community posts. Please check your email inbox or the Community’s Published Instructor Club to learn about newly released coding exercise languages, frameworks, or libraries, and access resources on how to add them to your course.

How can I add coding exercises to my courses?

Please visit the How to Create a Coding Exercise article in the Help Center to learn how to add coding exercises to your course.

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