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Community Guidelines

Community Etiquette

The Udemy instructor forums (the Udemy Studio, Faculty Lounge, and the community within the How-To-Create-your-Udemy-Course course) are some of the best things about being an instructor! We love our instructor community for its positive energy and spirit of collaboration.

Here’s how you can be a great community member:
DO be generous, but constructive with your feedback. Offer help when you can, and friendly advice when asked. Act with the best intentions and assume that your peers are doing the same.
DON’T make it personal, or take it personally. Personal attacks on fellow instructors are not tolerated. Don’t promote your course for a fee in the groups — feel free, though, to post free coupons so you can get feedback from your fellow instructors.

We take protecting our students and instructors seriously, so violations of the Community Guidelines above will be treated accordingly. If our system detects that you are trying to add content that may violate these guidelines, you may receive warnings asking you to review, edit or remove some of your content.

Everyone makes mistakes, so most first violations will result in a warning. Subsequent violations may result in loss of access to product features (e.g., Course Announcements), account suspension, or in rare cases, account termination. This is a partnership, so if you have any questions, need help troubleshooting, or if you see something that runs afoul of these guidelines, please let us know by emailing instructorsupport@udemy.com.