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Congratulations to Udemy’s Outstanding Instructors of 2014!

Screen Shot 2014-12-18 at 11.39.56 AM


Over the past two weeks, the Udemy Instructor Team has surveyed thousands of Udemy students and pulled an entire year’s worth of data to put together the list of the Outstanding Instructors of 2014.  These outstanding instructors are invested in their students’ success, and it shows. Udemy students love instructors who:

  • Create engaging, interactive courses
  • Inject their personality, humor, and a sense of fun into their lecture (whatever the topic)
  • Provide real world examples and actionable skills for students to apply in their own life
  • Answer questions in record time
  • Continually innovate on the course format by providing new and different content, lecture types, and opportunities for interaction

With these elements in mind, without further ado, we present to you the Outstanding Instructors of 2014:


bernie raffe

Bernie Raffe: Passion Personified

In his three courses on photography, Bernie inspires his students with his passion for the subject.  His personality imbues his lectures with excitement, energy, and a great sense of fun.  His passion is infectious — students want to keep learning!

Student Quote: “Bernie keeps it very practical and lively with interesting demos. I particularly appreciated his simple way of explaining difficult concepts and his sense of humor”


adam marelliAdam Marelli: Exceptional Engagement

Adam’s students love learning from him, plain and simple.  His courses effectively use projects to keep students motivated and learning (and his encouraging personality and engaging videos don’t hurt either!)

Fun fact: 50% of the students who joined Adam’s courses in 2014 completed them!

Student Quote: “I guess the only way to put it is Adam doesn’t teach the same thing everyone else teaches, in the same way. His material is unique, his teaching style is unique, and he’s a rare breed.”


Felicia Ricci: Fan Favoritefelicia ricci

As anyone in her course can tell, Felicia loves teaching, plain and simple.  She loves her topic and she loves when her students succeed. Felicia makes sure that her students know she’s there for them.  She wants her students to think of her as a friend, and it shows — her students rave about her.

Student Quote: “Felicia is such a passionate instructor. She speaks to you like you’re friends, especially if you ask her a question in the discussion section of the course. She makes me want to keep learning.”


john purcell

John Purcell: International Impact

With four wildly popular free courses, and six successful paid courses, John is truly teaching the world.  His easy-to-understand and to-the-point lectures allowed students the world over to engage with his course material and learn some new skills.

Fun fact: John teaches students  from every 190+ country in the world.

Student Quote: “Each video has examples and he explained every detail clear and concisely.   John gave me the opportunity to understand programming better.”


fernando rodriguezFernando Rodriguez: Spanish Superstar

Speaking of international reach, Fernando’s Development courses (taught in Spanish) are a smash hit with Udemy’s Spanish-speaking students.  They love his topics, his enthusiasm, and learning in their own language.

Fun Fact: there are 350,000+ Spanish students learning on Udemy

Student Quote: “¡Este curso enamora!”


bogdan vaida

Bogdan Vadia: Community Champion

Bogdan is an invaluable member of the Udemy Communities (the Udemy Studio and the Faculty Lounge).  He provides his fellow instructors everything from instructional design ideas, video production tips, and creative ways of engaging with students.  He is truly a community member to emulate!

Community Quote: “I really appreciate feedback from Vaida.  It really means a lot when he gives me feedback on my course!”


chris byrantChris Bryant: Amazing Applicability

Chris knows what Udemy students want: real world skills they can use, right away, in their lives.  His courses change his students’ lives — they can get better jobs, provide more for their families, and pursue their passions.  Chris gives them the actionable skills they need.

Student Quote: “Chris Bryant changed my life by helping me pass my CCNA certification with his informative video boot camp. He explained the topic very well and with the live labs he planted it firmly in my head.”



Alun Hill: Discussion Driveralun hill

Alun knows the importance of a good conversation — it keeps students engaged and motivated to learn more!  Alun’s courses do a great job at creating a true learning community where students are actively engaged with him and each other.

Fun Fact: Alun answered 98% of the 1000+ discussions in his courses this year

Student Quote: “Alun gives a tremendous amount of his time and energy to helping others succeed and I know I’m not the only person to have benefitted from his advice and guidance.”


david travisDavid Travis: Impressive Innovation

David’s courses are complex — they use many different lecture formats, many different styles of teaching, and, perhaps most importantly, they evolve based on student feedback and changes in the field of UX Design.  All of this adds up to a unique learning experience, one that consistently pushes the envelope of what teaching online can mean.

Student Quote: “The course material was exceptional and I was able to put it to use right away on my new projects. I’ve never walked away from a course with electronic worksheets and this was invaluable.  David is incredibly passionate and technically knowledgeable. His expertise added to my toolbox and reignited my own passion and curiosity.”


rob percival

Rob Percival: Stunning Success

What else is there to say besides…way to go Rob!  Rob received the most student nominations for Outstanding Instructor in 2014: students love him!  He created actionable courses where students learn-by-doing and he provided encouragement and support along the way by being a present and engaged instructor.

Student Quote: “Rob gives me tremendous confidence in my ability to translate my creative ideas into practical applications. I’m extremely impressed by his clear thinking and the careful, hands-on lesson plans.”

Student Quote: “I love to learn from Rob.  One word: Awesome.”

Congratulations to all of our Outstanding Instructors of 2014, and to everyone who published a course this year.  Students love you: over 1,200 different instructors were nominated for an award!