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Congratulations to Udemy’s Outstanding Instructors of 2015!


We surveyed thousands of Udemy students and pulled an entire year’s worth of data to put together this list. These instructors are passionate about teaching and truly care about their students’ success. And it shows!

Without further ado, we present to you the Outstanding Instructors of 2015!

Lisa Powers: Passion Personified

Lisa’s niche courses are a stunning success with students! Her passion for the topic, as well as her kindness and intuitive guidance, keep students captivated and interested in the course material. Lisa owns an incredible depth of knowledge and imparts it in such a way that students are left wanting more. 

Student Quote: “Her passion and joy shine through her course. There’s no doubt that Lisa puts her heart and soul into her program.”

John Pullos: Exceptional Engagement

John’s three courses on digital photography have made quite a splash with his students. His courses are practical and filled with exercises and activities, allowing students to take a hands on approach to learning that can often be hard to deliver in an online course. John certainly has it figured out!

Fun fact: In 2015, John had over 3,200 new students and a 25% completion rate for his course on photography.

Student Quote: “I am so glad I found John’s online course! I didn’t use the camera I bought for a couple of years because I did not understand how to use all the functions. Now I am back to the hobby I always wanted to embrace.”

Anthony Alicea: Fan Favorite

Tony has had a sensational year, with his suite of Javascript courses capturing the imagination of nearly 50,000 students! He approaches teaching with care and sincerity, and has enabled many a student to become a Javascript wizard.

Student Quote: “Anthony leaves no stone unturned in ensuring his students understand not only what and how to do something, but also why.”

Rob Percival: International Impact

Currently with over 300,000 students across his 13 courses, Rob is truly reaching the world! His responsive and engaging approach to teaching app and web development has positively impacted the lives of many students.

Fun fact: Rob has fully translated courses in 5 languages: English, Spanish, Portuguese, German, and Japanese!

Student Quote: “What’s so great about Rob is how he makes something that seemed so complex and untrainable seem so easy and straightforward. He makes me keep wanting to learn more…”

Colt Steele: Notable Newcomer

It’s been just 2 months since Colt published his debut course, but he’s already taught over 4,000 students who rave about the experience. This former Galvanize instructor is passionate, knowledgeable, and provides both depth and breadth in his teaching. He makes sure students are ready to apply what they’ve learned by introducing them to tools they may use on the job, and by incorporating assignments that challenge students to use the additional resources provided.

Student Quote: “Colt anticipates the confusion, questions, and challenges that new web developers have. Colt answers every question, no matter how big or small. He does not let you give up!”

Teresa L. Greenway: Community Champion

Teresa is an incredible example of an instructor overcoming personal challenges to achieve amazing success in a niche topic area. She stands out in the Udemy Studio and Lounge for the caring and support she offers others. Her 170 posts over the last year have garnered more than 1,000 comments from fellow instructors as she continues to motivate and inspire the community!

Community Quote: “Teresa is an inspiration. Truly down to earth, creative, courageous and generous of heart.”

Jennifer Clark: Amazing Applicability

Jennifer delivers her teaching with enthusiasm and enjoyment, inspiring her students to go right out and try the tricks and tips she covers. Many of her students have now produced fun and creative projects for professional clients by applying Jennifer’s teachings. 

Student Quote: “Jennifer goes above and beyond to provide clear, understandable techniques for anyone willing to learn. Her course helped me to turn a hobby into a professional business!”

Tim Buchalka: Discussion Driver

Always engaging throughout the day, Tim is fantastic at making sure his students questions and insights are surfaced and heard. His collaborative approach to the learning experience leaves students loving to learn alongside the man from Down Under!

Student Quote: “Tim is extremely responsive, all questions are dealt with rapidly, the discussion forum is very interactive. Tim is ace!”

Phil Ebiner: Impressive Innovation

Despite being one of our earliest instructors on the Udemy platform, Phil is constantly thinking of novel ways to amplify students’ experiences. Through unique course activities, Phil empowers students to live their learning.

Fun Fact: Phil created a handbook in his Photography Masterclass made up of his students photographs, submitted during a contest he ran via Educational Announcements.

Student Quote: “Phil’s course was done creatively in different locations, with different knowledgeable speakers, handouts, examples, quizzes, and live demonstrations on a variety of scenarios. He had me riveted from start to finish!”

Ben Tristem: Commitment Captain

Ben is relentless in making sure that his courses are up-to-date and up-to-scratch for his students. Whether it’s updating a lecture to make a concept even easier to understand, or creating new videos to highlight the most recent updates to Unity and Blender, it’s a given his students are learning the latest and greatest!

Fun Fact: Ben made over 3,000 updates to his published courses in 2015 to ensure that students stayed engaged and satisfied!

Student Quote: “Ben always keeps his courses up to date and creates a great forum for the students to interact. He’s very proactive in replying to comments and keeping the student community lively.”


Congratulations to all of our Outstanding Instructors of 2015, and to everyone who published a course this year.  Students love you: over 1,800 different instructors were nominated for an award!

11 thoughts on “Congratulations to Udemy’s Outstanding Instructors of 2015!”

  1. Jay Cooke says:

    Thanks for the inspiration, and congrats for the recognition of your good work and great customer service!

  2. Teresa says:

    I am deeply grateful to be chosen for this honor. Thank you to everyone at Udemy, to my fellow instructors and to my wonderful students.

  3. Mareca says:

    It’s great to see these instructors being recognised for their efforts. In 2015 I took courses from Rob Percival and Ben Tristan and I don’t regret taking them. Its been a worthwhile investment with a lot of lessons. To Udemy well done for this initiative and to all the awarded instructors well done. Keep up the high standards.

  4. Robert McMurray says:

    Jennifer Clark is an awesome instructor. Everything clear and concise.

  5. Muhammad Ali says:

    Brad Hussey and Edwin Diaz should be in the list too.

  6. Tanzeel Ur Rehman says:

    Congrats Guys!!

  7. manish shashi says:

    Many Congratulations to all the winners. they truly deserve this.

  8. manish shashi says:

    Training is just not a single event but a continuous learning process and we all are lucky to find UDEMY around to fulfill this vision.

    I wish exponential growth of UDEMY in forthcoming years.

  9. Yusuf says:

    Congratulations each and everyone of you. I look forward to following your footsteps.

  10. Victor Inzunza says:

    This is great. Certainly some excellent instructors. I have to put in a good word for Alun Hill, who produces some wonderful classes and really cares about sharing his knowledge. I have also discovered a great new instructor, Monica Diaz, who has one of the best classes I have taken on men’s fashion. I’m fashion challenged and even I got something out of it.

  11. Michaela Pacesova says:

    Thank you for sharing the success of others. It is very inspiring! Congratulations to all for being such great instructors!

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