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Our learning design experts break down the best practices to help you build a solid foundation for your course.

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  • Recommended process for course creation (and beyond)

    Your guide to creating a quality course With this guide we aim to provide a structured path to course ideation, creation, publication, marketing, and maintenance.  Our recommended course creation process is rooted in the Backward Design framework, which means you don’t start with your course content. Instead,...

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  • Choose your course topic

    To increase your chances of being successful on Udemy, you want to spend some time really thinking through your course topic. Start with a topic that you’re knowledgeable in and passionate about. Then, think about the audience you will be teaching and what they are interested in learning. Next, use tools specific to...

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  • Define your ideal learner audience

    The first step in creating any kind of content is to know exactly whom you’re creating it for. Think about your future learners — who will be interested in taking your course? Are they looking for a quick tutorial or a comprehensive overview? Do they have existing expertise or are they a complete beginner? What...

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  • Create your learning objectives

    What are learning objectives? Learning objectives are specific statements that define what learners will be able to do — and what skills they will learn — after taking your course. They should be demonstrable, meaning a learner can demonstrate that they’ve achieved a learning objective through action, and...

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  • Outline your course

    Before you begin Before delving into your course, consider the Backward Design approach. Start with defining your learning objectives, and then design your course sections, lectures, and practice activities in alignment with these objectives. Learn more about creating learning objectives in our create your learning...

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