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Automatic Messages

During the course creation process, you’ll be prompted to create automatic messages prior to submitting your course for review. You can send optional welcome and congratulations messages to encourage students to engage with your course content.


Tip: For both welcome and congratulation messages, be sure to include your course name in the message. It’ll be helpful to provide this context for your students!

Welcome Message: The welcome message will be sent to students as soon as they enroll in your course. Use this message to:

  • Greet the student and express gratitude for their enrollment
  • Introduce yourself with a short bio
  • Share an interesting piece of information about yourself to make the message more personal
  • Get students excited by letting them know what they’ll accomplish with the course
  • Encourage participation and let students know that they can ask questions on the discussion board

Note: When creating your welcome message, be sure not to make it too personalized. Unlike promotional and educational announcements, the student’s name will not be included in the message.

Congratulations Message: You can set up an automatic message to congratulate your students once they complete your course. Try and include the following:

  • Let students know how proud you are of their accomplishment
  • Explain the next steps and highlight the applications of course concepts
  • Encourage students to dive deeper into the subject

Note: It is against Udemy’s guidelines to promote your other courses in the welcome and congratulations messages.

Visit your Instructor Dashboard to create your messages.

Create My Messages