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Course Creation Roadmap

Each instructor has their own personal journey in creating their course and there is no one right way. But, to get you started, below are some foundational steps you can follow as you begin creating your course.

Step 1: Choose your topic

You can teach anything on Udemy! Just make sure it’s something you’re experienced in and genuinely excited about.

Teach Hub: Choose your topic
Marketplace Insights

Step 2: Map out your course

Before you film your course it’s important to map out what your course will look like. What order will you teach your topics? How long will each video be? Will you shoot talking head videos (yourself speaking to the camera) or screencasts (recording your screen)? Creating an outline will help you stay organized while filming.

Teach Hub: Course outline
Udemy Insights course: Course outline

Step 3: Film & edit your course

Lights, camera, action! Put your knowledge on screen by filming and editing your course. This step can take a bit of trial and error, especially if you don’t have much experience with video production. So take your time, get feedback early, and know we’re here to help!

Udemy’s test video service
Teach Hub: Audio/video quality
Teach Hub: Setup/equipment
Udemy Insights course: Audio/video quality
Udemy Insights course: Filming tips
Udemy Insights course: Editing

Step 4: Publish your course

Once your content is uploaded, submit your course to our quality review team and become a verified instructor. Our team will check that your course meets our minimum quality standards, provide some helpful feedback, and then publish it live to students!

Udemy’s minimum quality standards
Instructor Support: What’s the quality review process?
Instructor Support: What’s the instructor identity verification process?

Step 5: Market your course

Get prospective students excited by writing a killer course landing page and pricing your course competitively. Then share your course with your network to get your first students and reviews. We’re your partner in getting your course a strong start–our marketing programs will help get your course in front of the right students.

Teach Hub: Course landing page
Teach Hub: Course marketing
Teach Hub: Pricing

Minimum course quality standards

Udemy has minimum standards for courses on the platform. Our review team is available to help you get your course ready for students to enjoy.

    • Your course has at least five lectures
    • All lectures add up to at least 30+ minutes of total video
    • You course is composed of valuable educational content (lean more below)
    • Film and export in HD to create videos of at least 720p, or 1080p if possible
    • Audio should come out of both the left and right channels and be synced to your video
    • Audio should be free of echo and background noise so as not to be distracting to students

A complete course landing page has:

    • A high quality course image in line with Udemy image standards (750×422 pixels)
    • A well-written course title and subtitle that include relevant keywords
    • A brief, honest, well-written course description
    • Clear course goals, distinct target audience, and requirements that are easy and understandable
    • A credible and complete instructor profile and picture

Udemy’s minimum quality standards
Instructor Support: Course image quality standards
Instructor Support: What’s the quality review process?
Teach Hub: Valuable educational content

We can’t wait to see what you create–your students are ready!