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Get Connected

Udemy Support is your resource for everything about how the Udemy site actually works. If you have questions like “Why won’t my videos upload” or “I haven’t been paid,“ Udemy Support is here to help. We also have an extensive library of articles you can read through, or feel free to contact our Support team directly.


Studio U. There’s no better course creation resource than a community of instructors who are also building their own courses. If you’re struggling with video editing, need feedback on test videos and course outlines or want to talk about promotional strategies (or, really, anything at all!), Studio U is the place for you. This Facebook group is always on, always there, and always helpful.

How to Join:

  • Click the Create Course button at the bottom of this page and register as a Udemy instructor
  • Visit the Studio U Facebook page, click Join Group and provide the requested information. Note: members who don’t provide the correct information won’t be accepted.
  • Please read through Studio U’s Code of Conduct so we can ensure all community members are able to use the Studio in a productive, supportive, and helpful way