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Hot Topics!

Hot Topics (2)

We’re excited you’re interested in creating a course on Udemy! Choosing a topic for your course can be a daunting process, but we’re here to help. Below you’ll find resources curated by our Content Strategy team. This team spends time analyzing Udemy’s course catalog as well as external trends to identify opportunities for new, high quality courses. These recommendations, collectively called “Hot Topics”, are divided into two main buckets:

  1. Challengers – Topics currently popular on Udemy that can support competition from additional high quality courses.
  2. Topics of Tomorrow – Topics popping up externally that will quickly become popular on Udemy. This can include new emerging technologies like ARKit or important versioning releases like iOS 11 and Android O.

In addition to surfacing topics within these buckets, we’ll also offer recommendations regarding length of course, level, target student mindset, and other topic specific insights. Challengers will be updated quarterly while Topics of Tomorrow, will be updated more frequently to account for latest trends.

In case the topics on our Hot Topics list don’t include topics you’re capable of or interested in teaching on, you can use Marketplace Insights to find your next course topic. Marketplace Insights allows you to search for topics and get a snapshot of metrics related to student demand and existing course supply. You should use both Hot Topics and Marketplace Insights to evaluate your topic and get inside tips on how to structure your course for success!