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Create Your Course

Price & Coupons

Price your Course: Your course can be free or paid. If you’re leaning towards making it a paid course, maximize your sales potential by finding the sweet spot in price, based on how the market values your course. We’ve provided tips on how to arrive at that ideal price. To charge for your course, you’ll need to fill out a Premium Instructor Application.

While you control the price of your course, we do have marketplace price standards in order to ensure a consistent and intuitive pricing experience for students. We also offer guidance based on marketplace data, in order to help you find the best price for your course.

Both the price standards and guidance may evolve over time based on student purchasing patterns and actions across the site.

What you Need to Know: 

  • You can set your course price between $20 and $200. If your default currency is not in dollars, you can see our global price matrix here.
  • You can set your course price between $20 and $200 in tiers of $5 (for example, $20, $25, $30, and so on).
  • While you can change the price of your course at any time, you can switch from Free to Paid only once. If you switch from free to paid and back to free (or vice versa) after the course is published, your promotional announcements for the course will be permanently disabled.
  • Courses offered for a fee on Udemy cannot be offered for free off of Udemy (e.g. YouTube, your own site, other sites).

Choosing a price that reflects the true value of your course to prospective students is a critical part of being an Udemy instructor.

Create your Instructor Coupon Codes: Creating coupons is an important part of any instructor’s promotional strategy.

Coupon Codes Allow You To:

  • Earn Income:
    • Earn 97% for all sales you drive with your coupon code (3% is kept for payment processing fee)
    • Receive 50% of sales when Udemy markets your course
    • Receive 25% of sales when purchases come through our Ad and Affiliate Program
  • Track your sales: 
    • Track where your sales are coming from (you can create unique coupon codes for your various marketing outlets)
    • When you link to your course from your website, YouTube channel, Facebook promotion, etc. you’ll want to use your instructor coupon code
      • If you use the plain course URL, then you’ll receive 50% of those sales
  • Offer Discounts: 
    • Offer a discount on your course as long as the discounted price is no lower than $10 (Note: It’s possible to create free and full price coupon codes too).

Create your instructor coupon code in three easy steps:

Step 1:

  • Log into your instructor dashboard at Udemy.com
  • Click “Instructor” to display your published course
  • Click on your course


Step 2:

  • On the next screen in the left navigation
  • Click “Price & Coupons”
  • Select the price for the course
  • Click “save”


Step 3:

  • Click “Create new coupon”
  • Enter a name for your Coupon Code (e.g. EARLYBIRD, YOUTUBE20, etc.)
  • Enter the discounted price for the course (If you would like to create a free coupon, insert 0 as the discounted price)
  • Enter the number of coupons you want, enter a deadline (if desired), click “Create Coupon”

Note: You cannot edit a coupon once it has been created. A coupon can only be toggled on and off using the “status” slider on the right.


Coupon Code Requirements:

Your coupon code must be between 6 and 20 characters, and can only include CAPITAL letters (A-Z), numbers (0-9), periods (“.”), dashes (“-“) and or underscores (“_”). For example: NEWCOURSE20.

Sharing Your Coupon Code: 

Once a coupon is created, it will appear in the coupon table. Next to the coupon name, click Get Link to see your coupon code link. It’s recommended you share the coupon link when promoting your course. When a potential student clicks on the link, the coupon will be applied to the course price automatically. If you do not share the coupon link, students will have to redeem your coupon code on the course landing page.

Pro Tip: Send free coupon codes to 10-15 people in your network to enroll into your course, take your course, and leave an honest review. Courses with more students and more course reviews have higher conversion rates (are more likely to drive purchases) than courses with lower enrollment numbers. The more students you can get enrolled in your course (whether free or paid), the more credibility you’ll have as a newly published instructor and the more likely you are to have your course featured in Udemy’s Marketing Campaigns.

Now, you can start marketing your Udemy course!

Price My Course & Create My Coupon