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Submit Your Course

You’re almost to the finish line!

Before submitting your course, ensure you have completed the following on the Course Management Dashboard. (You’ll know these items are complete when the number next to each navigation item turns into a checkmark).



Course Goals: Provide at least one response to each of the prompts shown.

Curriculum: Ensure you have a minimum of five lectures and 30 minutes of video content. Make sure all curriculum items have content and a title.

Please note: If your uploaded videos are still processing, you’ll need to wait for these to successfully process before you can submit your course for review.

Course Landing Page: Fill out every field listed. The only field that is optional is the promo video, but we highly recommend that you create one as it can boost enrollments. Your profile and the profile of any visible co-instructors in the course must be updated with a name, a photo, and a short bio (50 words minimum) in order for this to be marked as complete.

Price and Coupons: Ensure you have selected the currency and price of your course. If you’re planning to charge for your course, please apply to be a premium instructor before you submit your course for review.

Course Privacy: Decide whether you would like your course to be be public or private.

Submit for review: Once you’ve completed all the requirements for your course, the Submit for Review icon will turn green on the left hand side of the Course Roadmap page. Now your course is ready to be published, hit the “Submit for Review” button.

Course review time: Your course will be entered into Udemy’s Quality Review Process, where it will be evaluated against our Course Quality Checklist. After 2 business days, you’ll receive feedback on any required and recommended changes. To check the status of your course, go to the Instructor Dashboard. A label will appear showing if your course is Live, In Review, Submitted for Review, or Needs Fixes.


Approved: If the Quality Review Team does not identify any required fixes, your course will be live and published in the marketplace. Please review feedback for ideas to improve student course satisfaction. Action on feedback, however, is not required.

Needs Fixes: Your course is not live, regardless of whether it is public or private. To publish the course, please make any required changes, mark them as fixed and resubmit the course for review. You’ll receive an email when your course is done being reviewed, which will include a link to your course dashboard, where you can see feedback.

Questions About Your Review: If you have any questions about the feedback you’ve received, speak to a reviewer directly from the feedback page and hit reply. Once you hit reply, our team will be notified of your question and will respond back as soon as possible.

Are you ready? Visit your Instructor Dashboard to submit your course!

Review & Submit My Course