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Course Landing Page Keyword Exercise

Nice job on creating your course! Now, let’s make sure the right people are able to find your course and become students.

Optimizing your course landing page (CLP) for search is key to your long-term success and it’s not as hard as it sounds. It will help you:

  • Help the right students discover your course
  • Improve your ranking on Google search and Udemy
  • Increase the number of people that click on and buy your course

Here’s an exercise with four ways to help you determine the best keywords for your course. Make sure to write down your keywords in a document or spreadsheet for easy reference.

Keyword exercise (15–30 minutes)

Identify your main keyword – This is typically a high-level topic (i.e. Python, Photography, etc.)

Generate related keywords – Use Google search with the Keywords Everywhere Plugin to get a list of 10–15 related keywords to focus on including in your CLP. The plugin does a great job of giving you the search volume of words that are commonly searched and match relevant intent.

Bonus keywords – Use our Marketplace Insights Tool to identify any Udemy-specific keywords and modifiers (complete, beginner’s, ultimate). Jot down some of the keywords used most in Udemy search.

Survey the competitive landscape – Search for courses on your topic on both Udemy and Google to see what draws you in.

Pay attention:

  • How are the titles/headlines formatted?
  • What keywords or modifiers are used?
  • What makes you want to click?
  • How do you compare to them?

Once you’ve gathered a solid list of keywords and notes about what others are doing, move on to CLP Checklist 1.