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Course Promotion Carnivale: Create Welcome Email for Subscribers

We’ve arrived at the fifth and final task of the challenge! Now that you’ve created your landing page with email opt in and optimized your YouTube channel, it’s time to put it all together and craft the first email your subscribers will receive.


In this article, we’ll go through how to write the most authentic and convincing email copy, and then we’ll give instructions for creating a campaign in Mailchimp so you can send each new subscriber to your list a “Welcome” email. Let’s get started…

Write Email Content

There’s no one way to write email copy, but it’s best to keep these tips in mind.

  • Stay true to your authentic voice. If you tend to be a bit silly, let that come through in the tone and voice of your emails. If you prefer a no-frills approach, just give a quick intro and cut to the chase.
  • Create a layout and subject line that can be used consistently. Since you’ll likely be adding emails or even creating an automated “workflow” later on (as you get more subscribers and gain experience communicating with them) this will reinforce that each email is part of a series. 
  • Emails shouldn’t be very long; 1-3 short paragraphs is a reasonable length.
  • For any emails where you include a course “offer”, also include a discount and a deadline. Be sure to include the name of your course, a short description and call out the limited time discount for people who have opted into your mailing list. You can also consider highlighting some benefits of purchasing the course such as a 30-day refund policy (so people can buy risk-free) and lifetime access to the course.

Ready to take a stab at it? Use this template to write the content for your very first email, one that welcomes subscribers to your list. The email should have four key pieces of content:

  1. Hook ‘em with a catchy subject line: This will determine whether the recipient will open your email…or not. Avoid spammy sounding phrases but try to underscore the value of whatever your email list will offer subscribers. For example, “Welcome to the Italian Chef, all things food and wine”.
  2. Provide a brief explanation of context or relevance: Reiterate why someone may have joined your list – What are their interests? What will they get out of becoming a subscriber of your content?
  3. Set expectations for future communications: Often people want to know what they can expect by joining your email list, so give your subscribers a quick rundown. Will you email out a monthly newsletter? Or will you only email when you have a new course or a new free piece of “value add” content?
  4. Call them to action: Give a piece of cool free content as an incentive to stick with you! In this case, you can link them to a free tutorial on your newly optimized YouTube channel. For example, you might close with “Ever feel lost in the wine aisle but really want to impress your friends with the perfect pairing? Check out [LINK] this quick and easy tutorial on how to choose the perfect (affordable) wine to complement your home cooking.”

Set Up Campaign in Mailchimp

Now it’s just a matter of setting up a campaign for your Welcome email.

From your dashboard, click the Create Campaign button:

create campaign


On the next screen, enter the info for your campaign (including the email subject line you decided on):

campaign info

Next you can customize the design of the email using one of Mailchimp’s many templates. Or if you have coding experience, you can code your own!

Once you’ve finished designing and formatting the email, you should click “Next” and confirm that everything is checked off:

Confirmation before sending

Now you have a snazzy welcome email all set to send when new subscribers join your list. If you want the email to automatically go out every time a new subscriber joins, you’ll need to upgrade to a paid version of Mailchimp. That will allow you set up workflows – automatically triggered autoresponder sequences.

Course Promotion Carnivale

You’ve just completed the last task in our Carnivale challenge, and that means you’re all set up to start promoting your Udemy course. But first, we want to see your email copy!

  1. Send your welcome email to a “test” subscriber on your list so you can see what it looks like!
  2. Take a screenshot of the email, and then share it in the Udemy Studio by February 18. Be sure to use the hashtag #Carnivale when you post.
  3. Get feedback from the community and our Instructor Team on your Welcome email!